Monica Bellucci said “Greecia still on Earth’s time” during the 64th festival and filming – – News24

Italian Monica Bellucci and a privatized film actress for the filming at the 64-year-old festival, which has still been filmed and the actor is still busy.

Monica Bellucci died at the premiere of Tom Wolfe’s film “Maria Callas, Lyrics from Today” by Yiannis Demolitsa. At 20:00 the festival of the film “Malena” started in Giuseppe Tornatore, I was another botarishta from Celine Bellucci. First, “Alexandri i Arte” was filmed and contributed to the filming for more than a year at the 64-year-old festival.

When you celebrate the “Olympians”, at 23:00, the fan and the person giving autographs, in memory of Emrin and Saj. Bellucci’s objective is that a fan is needed to complete the celebration.

When you watch the festival scenes, Monica Bellucci’s wife publishes the song in Greek and says: “Don’t ask them to start the movie every time you see them. If a day earlier, Grecia is still not on time. “Flaminderit Schumme”, was garlic.


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