Monica Bellucci to receive award

Monica Bellucci is happy with her wonderful career. On November 9, the Italian actress received the Golden Alexander Award at 64And International Film Festival of Thessaloniki in Grace. From “The Matrix” to “Irreversible”, from Vincent Cassel’s ex-wife to two more Soixante films in 30 years.

Parmi Yeux, « Malena » by Giuseppe Tornatore. The long film of this project is back again after the arrival of Monica Bellucci on the scene. « Pour moi, ce fut une experience incrobable de faire partie de ce project. “And he’s ready to do an incredible job,” he announced, according to Euronews.

Suite is aware of this promotion

“Je Suis Reconnaissante covers this great artist”

Elle a suite evoque son dernier role, celui de la cantatris Grec Maria Callas quelle à interprete au théâtre. « Sela means saying statement to me. Jai été ameu It looks like you all come together to save Jaime La Grace. My new life and my new appreciation for this great artist Maria Callas. She is a diva, she has extraordinary talent. And in this moment, be a woman with a simple heart. ,

Suite is aware of this promotion

Young woman Monica Bellucci attended the screening of this film by Tom Wolfe and Yannis Demoulitas. Some magazines and more, she is officially enjoying Tapis Rouge at the Rome Film Festival with Tim Burton, son of Histoire d’Amour.

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