“Monica Bellucci was my erotic dream”

Pippo Inzaghicoach Guillermo Ochoa In salernitana, opened the doors to his personal life and shared details beyond football fields. In addition to mourning the loss of ochoa Due to injury, Inzaghi Offering an intimate view of their love life, highlighting key moments and personal dreams.

Inzaghi He told about his unexpected meeting with his current partner, Angeladuring the trip to Venice, “It was a matter of fact. When I was there, I never went out and if I went out, I was wearing a tracksuit,” he revealed in an interview for Corriere Della Sera.

Koch recounted how one night, contrary to his custom, he attended a party where he noticed Angela, who shared his preference of having a glass of water. Due to this coincidence, both of them started living together and now after having two children, they are going to get married.

First Angela, Inzaghi lived three years of history with alessia ventura, According to the coach, currently, Alessia has her own family, but the two maintain a beautiful friendship.

When Inzaghi was asked about the erotic dream of his youth, he confessed: “Monica Bellucci, What can I say, I’ve always liked brunettes and then I fell in love with a blonde, whom I was going to marry: there must be something Freudian. “

In a strange twist, Inzaghi He shared information related to his daily routine before the games. Although he denies being superstitious, he revealed that he sang ““Certificate Noti” Considering Ligabue as his talisman on the way to the stadium. Regarding Ligabue’s affinity with Inter, Inzaghi commented: “I know, but he has always brought me luck.” These revelations provide a unique insight into the man behind the coach, exploring the intimate moments that have shaped his life.

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