Monica Lewinsky asks Beyoncé to remove lyrics mentioning her in a song

Monica Lewinsky is taking advantage of recent controversy over the singer’s new album to ask her to remove lyrics mentioning her in a nine-year-old song.

Taking advantage of recent controversy surrounding Beyoncé’s latest album, Monica Lewinsky has asked the singer to remove the lyrics from a nine-year-old song that mentions her.

“And while we’re at it… #Sheet music,” Monica Lewinsky wrote on Twitter, sharing an article by variety where Beyoncé announced that she wanted to change the lyrics of the song Heatedwhere she uses the word “spaz” (“cretin”), often used in the United States to make fun of people suffering from cerebral palsy.

“He popped all my pimples”

In Partition, a song from 2013, Beyoncé directly evokes the romantic relationship between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. “He popped all my buttons, then he took off my blouse / Then he had fun on my outfit like with Monica Lewinsky.”

Monica Lewinsky, who hasn’t contacted Beyoncé directly to get her to change her lyrics, referred to the song in a 2014 article by Vanity Fair. “Everyday someone mentions me in a tweet or on a blog – and it’s rarely nice. Everyday my name is mentioned in an editorial or in a report.”

And to add: “Miley Cyrus talked about me while she was twerking. Eminem raps about me. And Beyoncé mentioned me in his last tube. Thanks Beyoncé, but I think you mean Bill Clinton, not me.”

Beyoncé accused of theft

Beyoncé made a change to her album on Tuesday Renaissance. The pop superstar pulled out of his track Energya sample of the title Milkshake by singer Kelis, who had accused her of theft.

American singer Lizzo was also criticized a few weeks ago for using the word “spaz” in the song GRRRLS. A few days later, she apologized and re-released her song, with new lyrics.

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