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Colombia is increasingly positioned as one of the most striking places for holding cultural events, especially concerts.. And it is that the capital of the country, particularly, world-class artists have arrived.

In 2022 alone, the city witnessed the concerts of Kiss, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Rosalía and C. Tangana, just to mention a few and excluding those who came to participate in festivals such as the Estéreo Picnic (so the list grows much longer).

Depending on the agenda of each one, they decide whether to rest in the hotel (as was the case of Louis Tomlinson, for example, who stayed at the Four Seasons) or to carry out some tourist activities; That is the case of the Spaniard Antón Álvarez (better known as C. Tangana and now El Madrileño), who does not miss the opportunity to go to Andrés Carne de Res when he comes to Colombia.

But, without a doubt, the favorite destination is Monserrate, the best known of the Eastern hills of Bogotá. You can go up there by cable car, by funicular or on foot, and once you’re up there the view is indescribable: the city rests under the capital’s clouds and if you’re lucky you can see the snow-capped mountains of Huila and Ruíz.

In addition, there is a basilica in honor of the fallen Lord of Monserrate, “the place where it is located, contains many mysteries and is centered on the beliefs, rites and miracles that many people attribute to it. Among these stories is that of appeasing droughts, avoiding tremors, calming violence, blessing the newlyweds and curing the sick, among many others”, is narrated on the website of the sanctuary.

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It is necessary to review, then, the artists who have enjoyed such an experience while in Bogotá.


It was August 31, 2022 when Rosalía stunned the attendees at the Movistar Arena with her Motomami World Tourbut before that he walked through the Plaza de Bolívar, ran among the pigeons and went up to Monserrate, where he met a group of fans.

And it can be safely said that she loved it, because when she was interviewed by ‘Vogue Spain’, she confessed that she keeps a postcard from the place in her wallet.

Justin Bieber

The last time Justin Bieber appeared in Bogotá was in April 2017 and, like Rosalía, he took the opportunity to go to Monserrate. Being there he not only enjoyed the view, but he entered the basilica and prayed on his knees.

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one direction

In April 2014, Colombia had the privilege of enjoying the penultimate tour of One Direction with five members.. The ‘Where We Are Tour’ took over El Campín and the fans sang hymns like ‘Midnight memories’ and ‘You & I’.

But before that there were several lucky ones who found Sandy Beales (bass), Jon Shone (keyboard), Dan Richards (guitar) and Josh Devine (drums), who made up the band.

According to one of them, named Valentina Arrieta Velasco, she was by chance on the 23rd of that month in Monserrate when she met them. It was, of course, a great joy, since she lived in Barranquilla: “The best day of my life.”


The American rapper G-Eazyfamous for songs like ‘Let’s get lost’, ‘Him & I’ and ‘Me, myself & I’, was one of the artists on the poster for the Festival Estéreo Picnic in its 2017 edition.

He arrived a day earlier, visited the center of Bogotá and also went up to Monserrate, from whose experience this postcard remains:


Currently it is more common for k-pop groups to hold concerts in Colombia, in fact Next January 25 NCT-127 will be in Bogotábut a few years ago it was not like that.

That’s why it’s so iconic U-Kiss visit to the country’s capital. It happened in 2012 and they recorded it in a series of vlogs. One of those is called ‘A walk through Monserrate’ and shows the members walking through this sector.

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