Montanari on the same line as Orsini: this is how he criticizes the Italian government

“Sending weapons risks getting us to war”. Tommaso Montanari like Alessandro Orsini. The well-known art historian, interviewed by Adnkronos, believes that arming Ukraine could facilitate the outbreak of a third world conflict.

“In the movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ all the governments of the world deny that a meteorite is coming to earth to avoid panic. And people only start believing it when they see it in the sky, but by then it’s too late. The same applies to the third world war “, says Montanari who has been invited to mobilize the square in the name of peace. The rector of the University for foreigners of Siena lashes out against “the exploitation of the past” which he defines as “misleading” since the Allies, when they sent weapons to the partisans, were already at war against the Nazis. We, on the other hand,“We don’t even want to enter it because it is not the good of Ukraine and it is not the good of the world”. According to Montanari “it is madness” to do it war “On both sides, on one side with weapons and on the other with money”. The historian does not understand how one can stand alongside the Ukrainians“And at the same time not be willing to lower the heating by 1 degree”. It’s still:“Where are our famous values? We don’t want any damage to the economy either, while they have to die? “, Montanari asked himself that on May 2nd he will participate in an initiative at the Ghione Theater in Rome promoted by Michele Santoro on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

“Behind the appeal for peace there is no single position, there is an underlying convergence on the fundamental idea that peace is in itself indispensable, that war is never a means to achieve a result and that, therefore, although the right of Ukrainians to defend themselves is inalienable “, explains the art historian, worried that a nuclear war is imminent. Montanari believes that “Italy is completely absent” from a diplomatic point of view and that the ball is in the hands of United States. The Tuscan rector also recalls how article 11 of the Constitution states that “war is a means that can never be used”. “The Americans, on the other hand, use war”, observes the art historian who quotes what was written by Lucio Caracciolo, that is“That the American empire is waging war on the Russians until the last Ukrainian”. But, Montanari recalls, our Constitution prevents us from following the American strategy and following it would not be in our interest and in Europe because “The war is not in their home, but it is in our home!”. In reality, fortunately, there is no conflict on Italian territory. If there is, we will be entitled to the use of force. But not only. Sending weapons to a country in difficulty is in no way a declaration of war, so much so that no Italian soldier is on Ukrainian soil. Finally, Montanari rejects the accusation of those who claim that his is “a sitting position” and counterattacks: “the position of those who send Ukrainians to be massacred while remaining at home is also a parlor position“. It’s still:“Whoever says he wants war, wants it with the bodies of others. Whoever says that he wants peace, wants it for the bodies of others “, comments Montanari who claims “the right to be afraid”.

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