Monterrey vs Chivas, Adrián Marcelo reveals why Berterame missed the penalty

Adrián Marcelo / Monterrey vs Chivas / Missed penalty
Adrián Marcelo / Monterrey vs Chivas / Missed penalty

Chivas scored a valuable 3 points against Rayados de Monterrey for the minimum We can say that the result of the Sacred Flock was achieved thanks to the genius of Alexis Vega, an inspired Miguel Jiménez and a clear lack of forcefulness in the attack by Víctor Manuel Vucetich’s pupils.

One of the most intense moments of the game was the penalty that was awarded in favor of the local team due to a tackle by Chiquete Orozco that divided opinions. Hence german Berterame He missed the goal that would have tied Monterrey in a spectacular way, leaving another bitter memory for his fans.

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Many question how a player of the quality of the Argentine 9 could miss a penalty. In this case Adrian Marcelo He left a post on his personal Twitter account in which he points out that the penalty that Berterame missed was in the “cursed goal” itself in which Avilés Hurtado failed in the royal final:

Veljko Paunovic is not satisfied with the match

Meanwhile, the chiverío coach was not satisfied at the press conference, considering that the team has better elements to perform on the pitch. So he accepts the result, but he will look for a way for the Flock to show that game that excited everyone in preseason.

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