Moore Threads GPUs get OpenGL 3.3 support, 80% FPS increase in PUBG and 60% in GTA5

MTT 240.50 driver offers optimizations for a long list of games and support for OpenGL 3.3

Moore Threads released new GPU drivers for its S70/S80 gaming GPUs

China’s Moore Threads is still catching up with its competitors. With each release, they offer not only faster but also improved drivers for their GPUs and new games. If the efforts made to optimize Intel’s Arc GPUs show how long and laborious it can be to get Windows drivers to work on completely new architectures, then Moore Threads is still a long way off.

But the company is moving slowly, but it will get there eventually. The newer “240.50” drivers work with the OpenGL 3.3 API on Windows 10 (not to mention Windows 11). It’s worth noting that this API is now 13 years old and the most recent version is 4.6. So there is definitely room for improvement.

Additionally, Moore Threads announced a massive increase for certain DirectX11 games. For example, PUBG will now run 80% faster than the previous version of the driver, and GTA 5 It will work 60% faster. The company is also offering a 60% increase in valorant or 50% in Race fit. These are just a few examples, but there are many more games optimized for RPG/MMO games popular in China.

Driver Release Notes 240.50
New features

  1. Added support for the OpenGL 3.3 API on the Windows 10 operating system.

Performance and experience improvements

  1. Significant improvement in average frame rate for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” of over 80% compared to v230.40.
  2. “Valorant” shows a more than 60% increase in average frame rate compared to version 230.40.
  3. GTA5 with an average frame rate increase of over 60% compared to v230.40.
  4. “Assetto Corsa” shows an average frame rate increase of more than 50% compared to version 230.40.
  5. “Far Cry: New Dawn” demonstrates a notable improvement with an over 30% increase in average frame rate compared to version 230.40.
  6. Game experience optimized for “Genshin Impact”
  7. Improved gaming experience for “Crystal of Atlan”
  8. Improved game experience for “Mabinogi”
  9. Game experience optimized for “Dragon’s Nest”
  10. Optimizing the gaming experience for the “Dyson Sphere Program”
  11. Improved gaming experience for “Farm Simulator 19”.
  12. Game experience optimization for “Assetto Corsa”
  13. Improved gaming experience for “Weird RPG”
  14. Optimizing the gaming experience for “The Sims 4”
  15. Improved gaming experience for “Tropico 5”
  16. Game experience optimized for “Wreckfest: Racing Legends”
  17. Improved gameplay for “Need for Speed: Most Wanted”
  18. Game experience optimization for “Cities in Motion 2”
  19. Improved gameplay for “Floating City”
  20. Game experience optimized for “Sea of ​​Stars”
  21. Improved gaming experience for “Dungeon Fighter Online”
  22. Optimization of the game experience for “Volerant” on the Riot platform.
  23. Improved gaming experience for “Party Animals”.

Fixed issues:

  1. Fixed the problem that when running “Rocky Heroes” to enter the character login interface and sliding the mouse to the lower right corner of the interface, the screen was blurred;
  2. Fixed the issue where the game’s grass scene would be drawn incorrectly when running “Party Animals” at extremely high image quality;
  3. Fixed issue with probabilistic game crashing when the PES Control Center floating window was mounted when running Dota2 and changing the resolution;
  4. Fixed the issue of crashing after entering the game when running “Aliens vs. Predator”;
  5. Fixed the abnormal display problem in the main game interface when running “Asphalt 9: Racing Legends”;
  6. Fixed the issue of crashing when launching “Counter-Strike Online” in the game;

Clearly, the company’s goal is to offer a playable experience in all of those titles. It doesn’t matter if the top-of-the-line MTT gaming GPU is slower than other products; What matters is whether it works and how cheap it is. But let’s not forget that the S80 has some pretty impressive specs, including 16GB GDDR6 memory and a PCIe Gen5 interface. Unfortunately, the card continues to experience power consumption issues, especially in idle state.

Source: Moore Threads, ITHome

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