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Despite the negative reactions to the Marvel film starring Jared Leto, the film has grossed more than $86 million worldwide.

Morbiusthe latest installment of Marvel from sony pictures, reached the movie theaters accumulating bad reviews. Despite them, the film starring Jared Leto has achieved a decent collection in its first weekend of release: more than 86 million dollars Worldwide. Recently, its director Daniel Espinosa has responded to the negative reactions that the film has provoked with some somewhat unexpected statements.

The director explained that he himself is highly critical of his own work and that it all started when a stranger approached him with unsolicited advice about the first movie he ever made: Babylon Disease.

“When I made my first film, it was a small film called Babylon DiseaseI remember going home one day on the subway, I had had a few drinks, so I was a little drunk,” Espinosa says in Insider. “Someone elbowed me on the train and said, ‘I have to tell you what’s wrong with the second scene of your movie.’ I thought, ‘Well, okay!’.

Forbidden to get out of the role in ‘Morbius’: Jared Leto used a wheelchair to go to the bathroom

“What I mean,” he continues, “is that it’s rare to do something so public. Look, I hate myself a lot so I already criticize my own work a lot. I always try to focus on improving. But I’m also proud of what I do. There are parts in all my movies that I’m very proud of,” he concludes.

Who has not yet spoken about what he thinks of the bad reviews of Morbius is its protagonist. Leto has become the first actor to bring this Marvel character to life. The protagonist of the story is Dr. Michael Morbius, a man who was born with a strange blood disease. When he finds the cure to his ailment thanks to the biology of the bats, he increases his strength and endurance, but also begins to have an insatiable desire to drink human blood.

Morbius has become the second Marvel antihero to join the Sony universe after the Venom by Tom Hardy. The studio is already working on a movie Kraven the Hunter with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and another of madam web with Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

In addition to Leto, Morbius counts in its cast with Matt Smith, Adria Arjona and Jared Harris. On these lines, do not miss our interview with Espinosa and Leto. Take a look at the trailer below.

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