More and more albatross pairs are breaking up. Blame for global warming

Monogamous birds such as black-browed albatrosses separate from their partners very rarely, only when things just don’t work out. But new research has revealed a spike in “divorce lawsuits” attributable to global warming.

The unconventional discovery has just been published in the scientific journal The Royal Society and comes from a 15-year research on a wild population of the Falkland Islands.

Researchers from the universities of Lisbon, Montana and Exeter, along with those from the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute and Portugal’s Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, found that unusually warm sea surface temperatures drastically increased the likelihood of rupture.

According to the authors, “difficult environmental conditions can interrupt the processes of reproduction, causing some couples to separate that otherwise would have remained together”. In many socially monogamous species, divorce is a strategy used to correct suboptimal unions. In this study of black-browed albatrosses we instead discovered for the first time that the environment has an impact on ruptures, as well as influencing changes in phenology and increased physiological stress, “they wrote, revealing a new worrying consequence of ‘rising temperatures in the animal world.

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