More banking services are opening in Cuba through the Business Center

In the midst of the so-called “banking activity” of the Cuban government, promoted for several months, the Bank of Credit and Trade (Bandek) in Matanzas, in the west of the island, has just opened a new business center on the corner of Jovellanos and Medio streets, with the aim of offering more banking services, with the “plus” of proximity to the city.

Since its opening, more than 60 people have received individual attention and advice on how to finance their projects and turn them into socially beneficial businesses, according to a report by state media Giron. The center also facilitates the digitalization of Yumurinos’ operations.

Among the services provided by the center are the opening of personal and business magnetic cards, including wholesale cards for legal entities; setting up payroll calculations for companies and new economic entities; subsidies; processing payment methods such as letters of credit and local letters of credit; and connecting the Virtual Bandec service for private companies and MSMEs.

Banking services and BANDEC business centers in Matanzas

According to Sandy Perez Gonzalez, commercial manager of Bandec Business Center Branch 3461, “We have the ability to process payments from MSMEs and economic entities to legal entities holding foreign currency accounts with financial banks for services received.”

The most popular services so far are card opening and reprinting, Virtual Bandec installation and payroll personalization,” he added.

In addition, Yanezi Chavez Camaraza, Provincial Director of Bandek, noted that “the opening of the center allows us to relieve the pressure on Branch 3461, which is small, with a lot of visitors and clients, and thus provide more opportunities so that people can access everything”, “things related to commercial and electronic banking.”

It is likely that this initiative will spread to several cities and provinces in the country, as is the case with several projects of this type in the country.

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