More pressure on the pot: protests in almost a dozen Cuban towns due to blackouts

almost one ten protests in different points inside Cuba have occurred in the last few hours due to the prolonged blackouts and a situation that is becoming less sustainable for thousands of families, already overwhelmed by precariousness and shortages of all kinds.

Reports on social networks report cacerolazos in San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque; La Herradura, Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río; Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus; Antilla, Holguin; Caonao del Sur and Covadonga, in Cienfuegos, and Mabay, Granmathe same day that, in broad daylight, the people of Santiago took to the streets and a day after they did so in Bauta and other towns.

“Eye, Yesterday Bauta did it and today Santiago de Cuba and San José de las Lajas did it. They are starting to repeat towns that already left on 11J 2021, in which repression has been primed. The fear is gone. The dictatorship took us to the limit,” wrote the journalist José Raúl Gallego on Twitter by recounting the places where the manifestations of unrest have arisen.

It is necessary for the world to look towards Cuba. Behind every protest comes repression“, warned in another message.

Cuban activist Yahima Díaz posted on her Facebook profile videos of the protest in the streets of Consolación del Sur.

After long hours of blackouts, a tired town rises up and roars! Homeland and Life is their cry!“, he wrote along with three audiovisuals where little is seen in the dark, but the saucepans are heard.

Consolation of the South in the street!!!! After long hours of blackouts a tired people rises and roars!!! Homeland and Life is their cry!!!!

Posted by Yahima Díaz on Monday, August 1, 2022

Cuban exile Félix Llerena shared the videos of the protests in Mabay, San José de Las Lajas, the Entronque de la Herradura and Trinidad.

“It is the Mabay Popular Council, in Bayamo. People have taken to the streets to protest in Mabay, Granma! In the middle of the blackout, Cuba protests! If they don’t let the people sleep, let them not sleep either!”, wrote in a tweet.

Residents of Entronque de Herradura, in #PinarDelRio took to the streets to demand freedom! Night of cacerolazo and protests against the communist dictatorship!”, he said in another message.

The city of Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, touches its saucepan against the dictatorship! People got tired of holding on! A blackout, a protest!”, He explained in another message on twitter.

Also shared what happened in San Jose de las Lajas.

On the other hand, Radio Televisión Martí reported that residents of the town of Covadonga in the Cienfuegos municipality of Aguada de Pasajeros took to the streets last Friday night clanging pots and other metal objects, while shouting anti-government phrases.

“They went out at night to protest because they had been without electricity for 16 hours,” said activist Juan Alberto de la Nuez, a local resident.

“The protest began with the banging of cauldrons, shouts of Patria y Vida and insulting slogans to [Miguel] Diaz-Canel and communism. The citizen unrest was so immense that they began to stone a specialized bakery (in Freely Convertible Currency, MLC) and the store in MLC. People see these markets in MLC as emblems of the dictatorship. Many people entered the market and took almost all the items that were there: bicycles, split, televisions, food. The store was almost empty,” he recounted.

“Then they went to the outskirts of the town, where there is a fence about seven meters long by four wide, which had an image of Fidel Castro and a thought of him and the angry town; I am talking about dozens of people, more out of a hundred, attacked the fence and totally destroyed it,” De la Nuez said.

“Just the next morning, the police arrived at the scene and arrested 30 people. There are currently more than 60 arrested in the Provincial Unit of Criminal Instruction and Operations (UPICO). The Police are searching the neighbors and making searches in the homes of the detainees. Covadonga is militarized, they are not letting anyone into the town,” he added.

According to the activist, “police agents have commented that there is going to be a strong hand against them. It is the order they have been given from above.”

The videos broadcast do not facilitate the identification of citizens, as happened on July 11, 2021.

Milaisy Marrero Gil, also a resident of the place, told the media: “Those who came out to protest were the young. I have the videos of the people when they took to the streets of Covadonga, they were walking, in a march. One person says ‘look, they’re looting the stores’ and they realized that other individuals were looting the stores. That’s why I say it wasn’t the population. For me it was a ploy by the government to blame the population. The first stone was not thrown by the people.”

The electrical system of the Island is collapsed and the blackouts are constant and add up to more than ten hours of outages during each day. Added to the serious situation, for which the Government indicated that there will be no short-term solution, was the outage of a Nuevitas Thermoelectric generation unit on Sunday.

To put more pressure on the pot, on Monday The Electric Union announced the exit from the national electricity system of the Mariel mobile generation units, as well as the Tallapiedra and Regla plantsIn the Habana.

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