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More songs that you should listen to We have selected these singles to share and listen to with you, because we know that these are good musical proposals that should reach your ears.

We start with abnei6un6 from Belarus and his fonk single “To Hell and Back”, he really knows how to make this genre not only electronic beats, but also add aggression and good rhythm, nice rapped verses , it is not for nothing that he has dedicated a publication just to him, plus he does not stop making music, and he does not stop sending it to us. Furthermore, phonk has become a genre that has attracted a lot of my attention.

DD Walker from the United States has shared the song “In the Way or Disappear”, which you can listen to here, a song that starts with a slow rhythm but with a voice that sings with great sincerity, but then Great music takes power and becomes equal to the voice. This single will be part of their EP “Night at the Arcade”, it was co-produced and mixed by Andrew Maury (Post Malone, Shawn Mendes, Colony House, Coyne, Ra Ra Riot). A nice song they tell us about.

I wrote this in 15 minutes at 2 a.m. after a month-long meltdown after this dramatic breakup. I slept in the room where I made music as a child and set up a small makeshift recording rig there for two weeks. The nostalgia in that space was palpable and with a desire to return to this person and how we were before something so negative happened… I demoed an album’s worth of material in a few weeks and it was the most straightforward and quickest completion. Was .

dd walker

Here we have left this great song for you to listen to.

So that they don’t say that we share pure indie and projects from the country of the stars and stripes, there are some good psytrance here and if it’s Israeli it’s even better, that’s why Before Mars sent us their single “Outta My Head” Is. Furthermore, its name is also interesting, as it assumes that we are the last generation on Earth before moving to Mars. And the topic it deals with is about love in new beginnings and how easy it is (if not) to fall in love with someone. This song perfectly captures the feeling of starting a new journey in love.

In this song you can hear his influences like WHITENO1SE, RANJI, GHOST RIDER, here we leave you the single before we go to the red planet.

We close the list with a countryman Arre Trez, a Mexican rapper (for those who don’t know we are a blog from Mexico), he is from CD Victoria, Tamaulipas, and releases this single with CHANNA , titled “The Pink Color of Vino Love.” They are two promises of Mexican rap, they combine rap with verses of lament, achieving a good combination. And they talk to us about it.

It is a song in honor of the famous phrase ‘Ahogar las Peñas’, recalling Chabela Vargas’ iconic attitude of tequila and lamentation, while also adopting our tastes and influences from urban culture.

mistake three, channa

Here we leave you the songs of this excellent musical proposal, if you like the genre you will like them, and if not, we know you will also follow them.

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