more than 10 million players. New record for Bethesda

Starfield continues to do great numbers. In fact, the new single-player RPG from Bethesda Game Studios reached and surpassed 10 million players two weeks after the first day, which took place on September 6, 2023. At launch, Starfield had already reached significant numbers, surpassing 6 million players, compared to the game’s 2 million in the brief early access phase that preceded launch..

Bethesda had already expressed its gratitude to the community for this historic achievementHe defined it as a novelty for the company, and he did so in this case as well, thanking the fans for it. unprecedented achievement in the history of the software house. There was also no shortage of praise from other developers, such as Innersloth, developers of Among Us.

Obviously, the launch was helped by the game’s inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass service, but many of the users who tried the game bought it. This is demonstrated by the data published by GSD, with Starfield standing out in the European ranking of best-selling titles in the last two weeks and, again in Europe, it is the fifth best-selling game of the yearplacing it behind titles like Resident Evil 4. Additionally, the game had 300,000 players at the time of its release on which are added the already mentioned 2 million players in Early Access, accessible only by purchasing the Premium package.


Starfield is available on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series Also on PC, an update is in the works that will introduce many fan-requested features, such as adjustable field of view or support for NVIDIA DLSS, currently accessible only through mods found online.

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