More than 1,600 games and DLC discounted in January 2023

From today until January 19, 2023 it is available on PlayStation Store New discounts on PS4 and PS5 Which is in addition to the previous January offers. Offers now include over 1,600 promotional games and downloadable content. There is currently no sale page on the PS blog, but discounts are already active on the Sony Digital Store.

The offers cover a large number of games and additional content for PlayStation 4 and PS5. For example, we can suggest games like marvel midnight The Digital+ version that is priced at €53.29 with a 33% discount.

They are also on sale PlayStation exclusive, such as the different versions of Ghost of Tsushima, such as PS4, PS5 and upgrade to the Director’s Cut version – the discount is up to 58%. Then you can find God of War (2018) for €9.99, for those who haven’t started the new Kratos story yet and aren’t PS Plus (game included) subscribers. You can also find Bloodborne for the same price.

Appointment big namesYou can find Borderlands 3 and DLC on sale, but also Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Tekken 7 DLC, GTA 5, and Devil May Cry 5.

transfer to IndependentYou can find Cuphead The Delicious Last Course at a discount (6.79 euros), but also the base game with DLC included (at 19.70 euros). Among Us is also on sale, precisely at 2.99 euros, followed by Risk of Rain 2 at just over 6 euros. You can find Little Nightmares II at €9.89 and at €19.99 you can buy Return to Monkey Island. We also recommend checking out The Stanley Standable Ultra Deluxe for €14.73, which converts to €12.09 if you’re a PS Plus subscriber. We continue with Spelunky 2 for €7.99 and Darkest Dungeon for €2.19, practically free.

However, as mentioned, the list is quite long, so it’s worth it. Go to the PS Store and search for the games you want to buy, or take a look at your Wish List.

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