More than 3.5 million signatures against Amber Heard put the premiere of Aquaman 2 in check

If nothing prevents it, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘ will arrive at cinemas on March 13 2023. The sequel to the first installment on the aquatic superhero from DC Comics has a Ambert Heard among your cast. The actress returns as the princess Mere after appearing in ‘Justice League’ and ‘Aquaman’. However, the controversy surrounding the turbulent divorce with the actor Johnny Depp directly affects the release of the film. Specifically, the lurid details that come out in each session of the judgment that both artists compete in USA put in check the presence from Heard in the sequel.

Ongoing trial in the United States

in the county of Fairfaxin the state of Virginia, the umpteenth trial between the couple has been taking place for three weeks, which since they divorced in 2017 has only been seen in court. This time, Depp has sued the actress for defamation after publishing an article in ‘Washington Post‘ in which she accused him of bad treatments during their marriage.

The actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ ask for one economic compensation from 50 million dollars for having ruined, in his opinion, his professional career. In this sense, the artist’s agent assured on Monday that Depp was going to earn 21.4 million euros playing Jack Sparrow in the sixth installment of the saga. Nevertheless, Disney scrapped the project with the actor when the accusations of gender violence.

During this lawsuit, the most damaged is being Heard. According to a psychologist hired by the actor, Princess Mera has “a lot of inner anger and hostility” as well as “fluctuating moods.” Furthermore, she stated that she suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Another statement puts Heard’s figure at risk: the Los Angeles police do not consider that she was a victim of domestic violence when she went to the apartment she shared with Depp after an argument in 2016.

3.5 million signatures to “remove” Heard

With Heard on the tightrope, Depp fans take the opportunity to make more blood: 3.5 million people have signed a petition on the platform Change.org so that the producer Warner Bros eliminate Heard from ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’, which is in the phase of post production.

was the user Jeanne Larson who started this application. It was ____ ago eight months, but the last 1.5 million signatures have been collected since the libel trial began three weeks ago. The petition added two million signatures on Thursday and on Saturday it already exceeded 2.5 million.

Larson states that the artist “has been exposed as an abuser and domestic abuser” and gives as an example the amputation of a finger of the hand that caused her with a vodka bottle. “He will have to live with it all his life,” the petition reads.

Hollywood would have already moved tab

The ‘media circus‘ they are starring Depp and Heard don’t like in Hollywood. The Warner Bross environment has indicated to several specialized media that it has already taken action on the matter and Princess Mera has been relegated “less than 10 minutes” in the sequel ‘Aquaman 2’.

Some US websites go further and claim that all Heard’s scenes have been “deleted and removed” from the sequel he directs james wan, as the signatories of Change.org want. However, the producer would not have made this decision to please the fans, but rather out of fear that the scandal directly affect the collection of the feature film.

The rumors are such that in the United States they already name Heard’s substitute: the mother of dragons in ‘Game of Thrones’, Emilia Clarke. The fans settle for these rumors and the ‘fan art’ has already done his thing in Instagram: several users have already changed the face of the queen of atlantis for that of the seven kingdomsDaenerys Targaryen.

Another request in 2020

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The petition underway on Change.org is not the first against Heard. In 2020, Depp not only lost his case against the British newspaper ‘The Sun‘ who called him an “abuser”. As a result of the High Court in London estimating that those words that were published were “substantially true in their content”, the actor was fired from the franchise ‘fantastic animals‘, which is also produced by Warner Bross, like ‘Aquaman.’

So, his fans created they requested on the same platform of popular petitions the “immediate” dismissal of his ex-wife from the universe of DC Comics. On that occasion, the initiative added more than a million signatures. But he did not achieve his purpose. Two years later, and with more legal scandals in the backpack, perhaps they will achieve their goal.

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