More than 50% of Colombians will opt for travel to take care of their health and well-being in 2023

In 2023, Colombian travelers will bet on wellness destinations.  Courtesy Booking
In 2023, Colombian travelers will bet on wellness destinations. Courtesy Booking

In his most recent study on travel predictions for 2023the travel metasearch engine,, revealed that this year Colombians will prioritize their personal care and peace of mind at each destination they travel to. For that reason, a 52% stated that he sees this year as an opportunity to take care of your health.

“As part of its annual study on travel predictions, revealed that by 2023 self-care travel will have a immersive approach and without restrictions to achieve tranquility and pleasureincluding less conventional ways to achieve happiness”, said the travel platform, specifying that, this year, the wellness tourism It will be the trend among Colombians.

And it is that, the 54% of those surveyed assured that in 2023 they will bet on attending spiritual retirementrealize meditation or mindfulnessin order to take care of your health and personal well-being.

“Colombians will travel in 2023 as an opportunity to take care of their health, focusing on the mental healththe transformative health or in search of support at some vital moments such as menopause or pregnancy (52%)”, added Booking.

The Booking study also indicated some of the services that the tourism industry must offer in order to guarantee the well-being of its guests. According to the results of the travel metasearch engine, “it will be necessary to differentiate experiencessince bathing in the forest even tourism of break with moments of total disconnection”.

File image of one of the bungalows of Hotel Las Islas, located in Barú, Cartagena.  Hotel The Islands
File image of one of the bungalows of Hotel Las Islas, located in Barú, Cartagena. Hotel The Islands

“This year, getaways will no longer be just opportunities to soak up the sun, explore a new city or sample local cuisine, but more consumers will seek trips that help prioritize self-care as people want to escape the reality of their daily lives, said the communications manager for Latin America of Booking, Luiz Cegato.

In the case of travel lovers who this year will seek “moments of peace”According to the travel platform, “they will prefer brands and travel agencies that help them find your way”, in addition to their health and well-being.

An example of the above, according to Booking, are those initiatives of hotel associations in which they provide online therapy and support to their guests, or those airlines that offer fitness content to their passengers.

“Whether it’s a excursion for the afternoon or a week-long retreat, we’ll see the industry respond with a personal care offering, where bookable experiences and stays provide moments for clients to reclaim their well-being. This is because ratings, reviews, and recommendations are no longer based just on cleanliness, location, and amenities, but instead focus on whether a customer has felt revitalized and mentally invigorated after the getaway.”concluded Blind.

The Booking study is released just a few weeks after the same metasearch engine published another survey in which it was determined that, this year, the 87% of Colombian travelers will prefer trips that allow them to leave ‘out of comfort zone’.

According to the results of the investigation, a 72% of those surveyed will seek to live experiences that involve different cultures and languageswhile another 3. 4% He stated that he would like to explore “towns with hidden treasures”.

The 66% of Colombian travelers also expressed that this year they hope to live experiences exotic gastronomy; a 54% find the peace in retreatsand a 52% to bet on experiences that allow them to focus on their mental health Y wellness.

“It should be noted that the Colombian travel community will reconsider its costswhich will generate the need for an intelligent approach to the strategy of prices in this year”, concluded the metasearch engine in his study.

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