More than 70 cases of possible hepatitis A have been reported in the municipality of Dagua, Valle

Dagua, Valle del Cauca

After this the health officials in Dagua Municipality are on alert 70 people will show symptoms associated with the disease and will be treated by EPS and a local hospital.

As the mayor of this municipality, Ana MarĂ­a Sanclemente, explained, 32 of the tested cases have been confirmed As positive from the laboratory sample.

To trace the origin, which is believed to be from contaminated water or food, Water samples sent to National Institute of Health To determine where the fecal contamination is coming from.

Although the largest number of infected people is concentrated in the Corregimiento of Borrero Ayerbe, samples were taken from several aqueducts as symptoms began to appear in other areas of the municipality.

the mayor explained to him So far 71 cases have been reported, of which 32 have been laboratory confirmed, 21 of them with an epidemiological link.This means that the contagion was at home, five cases have been ruled out and results are awaited from the rest.

Besides, There are 16 new cases which have not been notifiedBut they are under the watch of Dagua health officials.

Given the presence of hepatitis A infection, a surveillance table was established between the municipality and the departmental health secretariat.

It should be remembered that the first of the types of hepatitis A, B and C is the least dangerous, so there have been no serious cases in Dagua.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s office has taken steps such as home visits (about 200 have been done so far) Educate the community on: washing hands after leaving the bathroom, while preparing food; Washing the food and cooking it thoroughly and finally they recommend boiling the water that should be consumed.

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