More than a million LUMA Energy customers continue without electricity

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More than a million customers LUMA Energy continue today, Wednesday, without electricity, three days after the hurricane fiona make landfall in southwestern Puerto Rico.

“Right now we have 377,233 (clients with electricity), that represents 26% of our clients. Approximately one million customers are still without service.indicated the director of External Security of LUMA, abner gomezin a radio interview (WKAQ – 580 AM).

Gómez affirmed that the consortium continues to work to energize the country “as soon as possible.” He acknowledged, again, that there will be areas where it will take “a little longer” to restore service.

“The areas that are damaged by the destruction of the hurricane in the south, we have found broken insulators in the transmission lines. Once those insulators are repaired, certified, that we can, in coordination with the (Electric Power) Authority, upload these generators that are Aguirre, Costa Sur, EcoEléctrica, we will be able to energize that part of Puerto Rico that was not damaged, that it is the northern half of the island,” he explained.

As shared by LUMA in an alert through its mobile application, customers with service are located in 19 municipalities. He did not publish the list of towns.

Yesterday, both the Government and LUMA Energy promised to energize “a large part” of the country today, Wednesday.

“My expectation is that between today (yesterday) and tomorrow (today), at the latest by the end of tomorrow (today), a large part of our population will have electricity service,” he said yesterday. Peter Pierluisi.

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