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As of 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, 5,806,778 voters had come to exercise their right to vote in the popular referendum on the Family Code, reported Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, president of the National Electoral Council (CEN), when releasing preliminary reports. .

This figure, he stressed, represented 68.91% in relation to the basic part of 8,425,147 registered voters.

To give these preliminary figures, he commented that the inclusions were taken into account, that until the closing of the last part there were more than 756,966 voters. These are those who should have voted in their respective areas of residence, but did so in another, for different reasons, he explained.

“This high number of included evidences the motivation of the voters to participate in this transcendental process.”

Balseiro Gutiérrez pointed out that most of the polling stations –which were more than 23,000– managed to close the polls at 6:00 pm, as planned; however, based on the request to the cen, and due to the heavy rains, voting hours were extended in eight provinces and in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, a decision covered by article 97 of the Electoral Law.

The President of the cen asserted that this electoral body continued to work and continued to process the information that continued to arrive from all the provinces; meanwhile, she recognized the work of the more than 200,000 electoral authorities that accompanied the process, in order to make the suffrage of citizens viable.

The opportunity to vote on the Family Code, and thus to express our opinion, is unique, Balseiro Gutiérrez said, while highlighting the strengths of the Cuban electoral system, from the concept of voting as free, direct and secret, to conducting the scrutiny in schools, transparently and publicly.

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