Morrissey denied that Miley Cyrus removed collaboration on her album due to political differences

Two weeks ago it was revealed that the singer Miley Cyrus asked to remove her collaboration on a song by the artist Morrissey, and he himself dispelled the conjectures implicating him as the main cause.

In a lengthy blog post “When You Are The Quarry”, the former The Smiths, took aim at “cancellation vultures” as those responsible, accused of “envious” to the people who try to sink it, He defined himself as apolitical and denied having far-right beliefs.

“Miley knew everything about me when she came to sing. ‘I Am Veronica’ almost two years ago; He entered the studio already singing the song. She volunteered. I didn’t ask him to participate. His professionalism was astounding, his voice a joy to behold,” Morrissey wrote.

In addition to thanking her collaboration on her next album “Bonfire Of Teenagers” finally not considered, she explained that the singer requested her withdrawal for “For reasons beyond my control, having had an important confrontation with a key figure of the ‘circle’. I can’t give details about the private fight because, After all, it’s private,” she wrote.

Previously, although the musician was not explicit about the reason for the vocalist’s departure, explained that this occurred after having “voluntarily separated” from the management company Maverick/Quest and the Capitol Records label.

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