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Applicants to the MIR 2022.

The Ministry of Health this Friday the awarding of MIR places 2022. On this first day, in which the request for the first 400 order numbers was processed, the big winner was Dermatology, which has been chosen by 75 candidates and has captured a good part of the ‘top ten’. The ‘star’ specialty has been the choice of Sophia Haselgrubernumber 1 of the MIR 2022, who will train in Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital. In the previous call, this area awarded the same number of places among the first 400 candidates.

Cardiology has become the second most demanded specialty after assigning a total of 70 seats10 more than the previous year at this stage of the process, when 60 doctors took possession of it. Neurology has delivered 16 seats (3 more than last year) and Hematology and Hemotherapy

However, the great ‘puncture’ of the first day of adjudication has been of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, another of the great favorites. And it is that, while in the previous call she was chosen by 35 of the first 400 applicants, she has only been chosen by 28 this time.

First day of awarding places MIR 2022

Like cardiology, Anesthesia and Resuscitation It gains points compared to the previous call and adds two new doctors, for which it has awarded a total of 32 places in the first round.

Internal Medicine, with 17 places assigned, loses followers by being chosen by six less applicants than a year ago. In this same line, Pediatrics and specific areaswith 13 places already filled, also grants fewer vacancies compared to the previous call, when it was awarded to 24 doctors.

Legal and Forensic Medicine, which opens in the current call, has awarded one of the 8 places offered. For its part, the specialty with the most vacancies announced, Family medicinehas assigned 6 places, twice as many as in the last process.

Of the rest of the specialties, the following have been assigned on this first day of the process: Digestive system (16); Neurosurgery (7); Radiodiagnosis (16); Psychiatry (7); Otorhinolaryngology (4); Medical Oncology (14); Pathological anatomy (two); ophthalmology Obstetrics and Gynecology (7); Y Urology (3).

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