Most ’embarrassing’ League of Legends client feature has players demanding a hotfix

League of Legends players criticized the client’s post-match feature, calling the addition “embarrassing” and demanding an overhaul.

It’s no secret that League of Legends players don’t really like the game’s client. Since it was revamped a long time ago, players have taken issue with the client’s various bugs and anomalies. Riot has taken steps to calm players by slowly updating and fixing the client over time, but these changes may have been put on the back burner for now.

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Often the client may not load certain aspects or be incredibly slow at getting match statistics. Sometimes it can disconnect players without warning them or disconnect completely and force lobbies to be redone. All of these issues have coalesced into the frustration of the player base, who wants to see improvements.

In particular, players have called one client feature “embarrassing,” and some want it removed from the client entirely.

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LoL players have been experiencing issues with the “Skip Waiting for Stats” feature in the client, which allows players to skip stats that would appear in the end-of-match lobby. This takes them to the main client, forcing them to create a new lobby once again.

However, players have criticized this feature, complaining that the client would be better off without it.

“Just stop making fancy things and make it at least have bones. Maybe that would help. All that increased load when you can barely do the things you need to do,” the post reads.

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Others agreed that the feature seemed quite redundant. “Anyway, I find the button pretty useless, if you want to play another game anyway. If you press skip waiting for stats, you won’t be able to queue until those stats have loaded. “It’s frustrating, but I’m getting used to waiting 10 to 20 seconds after the game to get the stats.” Another argued.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear if Riot will look to address or fix any of these issues, especially with the next season right around the corner.

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