Most of the island has a high risk of excessive rain and lightning for this Saturday

The National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan reported this morning that most of the island has a high risk of excess rain and lightning this Saturday, due to the precipitation that is driving the interaction between a trough with the tropical humidity that prevails in the region.

This is the same weather pattern the island has experienced since last Thursday, but the meteorologist Ian Colon Pagan said to The new day that the strongest activity is expected today.

“Since midnight, from half to an inch (of rain) have already been observed in some isolated sectors of the southeast and south of Puerto Rico. As the morning progresses, the activity will continue to affect sectors of the south and in the afternoon it is expected over the interior and north of Puerto Rico, because the winds continue with that dominant component from the south.”, explained the expert by telephone.

“It is possible that during the day the wind will change a little more from the southeast, but that greater impact (of downpours) will continue in the interior and north,” he added.

Along with the risk of excessive rainfall, he pointed out, there is also a risk of urban flooding and small streams, as well as accumulations of water on roads, because most of the soil on the island is still saturated after the passage of Hurricane Fiona, in addition that they received rain in the past days.

Likewise, the flows of some rivers are running at normal levels or above normal, so any prolonged rain event could cause them to react.

The SNM forecast states that any part of the island could see rain this Saturday, but the areas with the highest concentration will be the south, in the morning hours, and then the interior and north, in the afternoon.

“These troughs are very unpredictable in terms of where it is going to rain. First they affect one area, then another… but so far the strongest has been over Caribbean waters,” said Colón Pagán.

In addition to the risk of excess rain and flooding, the meteorologist warned that lightning and thunderstorm activity is expected over various sectors of the island and over local waters, for which he urged small boat operators to be attentive to SNM products. and exercise caution.

Also, there is a limited risk of extreme heat over some areas in the north-central part of the island. Heat indices in that region could fluctuate between 102 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, sea conditions are expected to remain relatively calm with swells of two to four feet in Atlantic waters and one to three feet in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, there is a moderate risk of ocean currents on all the beaches on the north coast from Aguada to Fajardo, including the island municipality of Culebra.

The wind will be blowing at a rate of 17 miles per hour (15 knots), although there may be stronger gusts at times.

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