Most recommended vaccines for travel outside Europe

When planning a vacation abroad, looking for transportation, accommodation or how to spend your free time, It is equally important to know if you need vaccines to enjoy your destination Especially without worrying about health.

Every trip is different, as is the person doing it, and you also need to take into account other variables such as the exact location of the destination, the time you are going to stay, the time of year you are traveling. , and even the activities you intend to accomplish while traveling.

According to the Health Ministry, the first thing that will happen is Review the vaccination calendar of the Junta de Andalucía to check that it is up to dateAnd Make an appointment at the International Vaccination Center To receive appropriate advice both on vaccination and others, for example, self-protection measures, bite prevention, food and drink hygiene, basic first aid kits, malaria or medicines to prevent malaria, etc.

Regarding destination, the Ministry of Health publishes information with the health situation of the country on its website. It will be as simple as entering and searching for the place you are traveling to. There the ministry reports along with the country’s basic assumptions What are the mandatory and recommended vaccines?,

What differentiates mandatory vaccines from recommended vaccines? Essentials are those that are necessary to be able to enter the destination country. With them, a certificate is issued without which you will not be able to cross the borders of the region. Recommended ones are tips to avoid the risk of infection from diseases common in the destination country.

According to the Ministry of Health website, mandatory vaccinations are usually against yellow fever and meningococcal meningitis and, in general terms, vaccines against cholera, Central European encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, rabies and tuberculosis are usually recommended. Is performed.

How long does it take to get vaccinated?

The general recommendation is to get vaccinated one month before travel. This is because some guidelines require multiple doses or may cause reactions and it is always better to appear when we are still in Spain and not in the middle of the trip or already at the destination. Be.

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