Motagua, with one man less and with the help of referees, survives Olimpia and will play for the pass to the final on Sunday


Entertaining, very disputed and with a lot of physical struggle. That would be the perfect description of the 1-1 in the first leg semifinal between Motagua and Olimpia at the National Stadium.

The second key of semis of the Closure 2022 It was exciting mostly in the first half, where the goals and the controversy that was in favor of the final result occurred.

Michael Chirinos (22′) and Robert Moreira (24′) scored, just as Yustin Arboleda did (33′) but his goal did not go up on the scoreboard after the referee Said Martinez signaled a non-existent foul against goalkeeper Marlon Licona.

In the plugin, not much was happening. Only two direct shots on goal were executed, these without danger, and the rest is summed up in unsuccessful approaches. Hector Castellanos he was sent off to Motagua (72′) for a double yellow card.

With this result, León has the balance in their favor for the second leg, because with the overall equality they will advance to the final by holding the regulations in favor of their position in the table. The Cyclone must win on Sunday to qualify.


As expected, the classic began with vertigo for both sides. Yustin Grove He gave the first warning with a cross shot, and immediately answered the ‘ChineseLopez with a frank header, letting the opening of the score escape.

The feeling of the back and forth gave spaces and this was used by the Lion. Tocazón in the midfield, Carlos Pineda leaked an exquisite pass to Michaell Chirinos and he shot the goalkeeper Marlon Licona to unleash the hubbub in the merengue squad with 1-0 at minute 22.

However, the Blue Cyclone did not give up and two minutes later the draw came. Outstanding action on the right wing, Camellito Delgado enabled Jonathan Núñez to cross and Roberto Moreira managed the header and before the terrible start of goalkeeper Edrick Menjívar, the ball slipped into the nets. The goalkeeper made one last attempt, however he could not prevent the score with his stretch.

The derby increased in intensity, showy and rubbed, nobody gave anything away. A match worthy of high quality. A classic has everything and controversy could not be missing, at minute 33 it arrived.

Edwin Rodríguez managed to send a high cross under pressure from the lower area, Yustin Arboleda anticipated the exit of Marlon Licona and with a subtle header he scored. But the central referee Said Martinez called a foul by Jerry Bengtson on the goalkeeper, an obstruction by the forward.

The revolution that implemented the Mejia slipper he gave the blues a new impetus, without coming to fruition. Little by little the match was falling in intensity, the tiredness was notorious among the protagonists due to the impetus they implemented from the start.

There were strong complaints due to the constant fouls and especially from the blue squad for the expulsion of Hector Castellanosbut the containment, who received the second yellow card, went to the showers correctly due to a stomp against Boniek García.

The closing had no emotions and the final whistle came at the Chelato Uclés National Stadium.

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Alignment: Marlon Licona; Marcelo Santos, Carlos Meléndez, Denil Maldonado, Wesly Decas; Hector Castellanos, Jonathan Nunez, Juan Delgado, Jesse Moncada; Ivan Lopez and Roberto Moreira.

Changes: Juan Delgado leaves for Carlos Mejía at 58′. Roberto Moreira leaves for Josué Villafranca 74′. Jonathan Nunez leaves by Óscar García at 85′.

Cards: Wesly Decas, Héctor Castellanos, Jonathan Núñez, Denil Maldonado, Marlon Licona.

Driven out: Hector Castellanos (72′)

Goals: Roberto Moreira (24′)


Alignment: Edrick Menjivar; Bryan Beckeles, José García, Jonathan Paz, Johnny Leveron; Carlos Pineda, Boniek Garcia, Edwin Rodriguez, Michaell Chirinos; Yustin Arboleda, Jerry Bengston.

Changes: Jonathan Paz leaves for Elvin Casildo at 54′. Boniek García leaves for José Pinto at 74′. Yustin Arboleda leaves for Eddie Hernández at 77′. Edwin Rodríguez leaves for Jorge Álvarez at 77′.

Yellow: Byran Beckeles, Carlos Pineda, Jonathan Paz, Yustin Arboleda.

Goals: Michael Chirinos (22′)

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