Mothers exchange babies after months: confused embryos in the clinic

As of September 2019 Daphna Cardinal gave birth to a child conceived thanks to in vitro fertilization who looked nothing like her or her husband Alexander. The couple of the California he immediately thought that the baby was not theirs, because he had the dark complexionHowever, initially they trusted the doctors of the clinic they had contacted. But after almost two months they carried out a DNA test, finding confirmation of their doubts. At that point, with the help of the clinic, they went in search of the couple who had been given their embryo by mistake and who had given birth to another girl a week later. After several meetings, the four decided to start the legal procedures for the exchange of girls, which took place in January 2020.

The mistake of the clinic, the broken link

The other couple asked to remain anonymous, but Daphne and Alexander decided to sue the California Center for Reproductive Health in Los Angeles and the In VitroTech Labs, accusing them of medical negligence and fraudulent concealment. “Our memories of childbirth will forever be marred by the reality that our biological baby was given to someone else, and the baby I fought to bring into the world was not mine,” Daphne explained at a press conference, accusing the doctors for having “robbed her of the ability to carry my daughter”.

“The suffering and confusion of my family cannot be underestimated,” he continued, stressing that “Instead of breastfeeding my daughter, I breastfed and bonded with a baby girl who I was then forced to leave”. Additionally, she reiterated that the situation was even more difficult for their seven-year-old daughter to handle, who struggled to understand the exchange. The lawsuit explains how Cardinale and her husband are being treated for “symptoms of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder” following the accident.

Attorney Adam Wolf, who represents all four parents, said the other couple also plans to sue. It is not the first time that such an episode has happened in the United States. In 2019, another California family found that their baby was born in New York: they sued the biological mother, who reportedly wanted to keep the baby, and the judge ruled in favor of the genetic parents.

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