“Motorcycle, plane, bus and boat”: this is how this man fled from China to the US

China’s President Xi Jinping has been the most powerful and authoritarian leader in decades. According to data from the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), since Xi came to power in 2012, the number of Chinese citizens seeking asylum abroad has increased almost eight times. In recent years, the repression in China has increased due to the pandemic, under President Xi’s zero covid-19 policy, so more and more Chinese citizens yearn for a freer life and some of them are risking everything in search of freedom. of that dream.

We have contacted the Chinese government for comment on this report. The Beijing government defended the anti-covid-19 policies, describing China “as a land full of vitality and hope.” Stories like Wang Qun’s are a blot on the Beijing narrative that China is getting stronger and more prosperous; while the United States is in decline.

Wang’s trip to the United States may be weird and extreme, but we’ve talked to others who are taking a similar path. Including a man who illegally escaped from China by walking across the border into Vietnam. From there, he flew to Ecuador and is taking the same path Wang took to the US-Mexico border. In China, there are still people who support the government’s zero covid-19 policy that has kept reported death figures low.

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