Mourning in Hollywood: At 93, beloved actress dies; she fell asleep and didn’t wake up

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California, United States.- The world of Hollywood is of mourningbecause this Sunday transcended the death of a beloved actress who was 93 years old. It was detailed that this she slept and that no longer woke up.

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It is about the sensible death of Liz Sheridanactress who played the mother of Jerry in the series Seinfeldwhich lasted for nine seasons.

Through US media it was reported that Sheridan, who gave life to the loving and accommodating mother of ‘Jerry Seinfeld’ in the comedy of the late eighties, he died last Friday, April 15 at the age of 93.

In the picture, Liz Sheridan dies at the age of 93. (RIP)

It should be noted that days before, on the 10th of the same month, the actress turned 93 years old, so the news took all fans by surprise.

No details have been given about the causes of her unfortunate death, but it is speculated that it would have been a natural death, since the actress would have gone to sleep and had not disclosed.

She was always grateful to her fans and felt blessed to have enjoyed decades of working in the entertainment industry,” Amanda Hendon, Sheridan’s manager and friend, said in a statement.

Although Sheridan’s role as ‘Helen’ on Seinfeld was her most popular, the actress also delighted audiences in a number of theater and television series.

In the 1970s, the now deceased acted in plays and musicals by Broadway What happy ending with world-class actresses like meryl streep Y ball room.

Rest in peace.

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