Movie Premiere | “The Golden Apple,” “The Equalizer 3” and the family comedy “Jump!” come to the theaters

“The Golden Apple,” “The Equalizer 3” and the family comedy “Jump!” come to the theaters

movie premiere first friday of september Denzel Washington’s “The Equalizer” action saga, time-travel family comedy “Jump!” Starred in the third installment. and Jaime Chavarri’s directorial return with “The Golden Apple”.

“The Equalizer 3”, the latest adventure from Robert McCall

Denzel Washington is last seen playing former Marine Robert McCall, who will once again take justice into his own hands from his residence in Southern Italy when he discovers that his new friends are being threatened by a mafia clan.

This latest adventure in the saga will also be directed by Étoine Fuqua, in charge of the cast, which, in addition to Washington, will also include Dakota Fanning.

“Jump!”, time travel in the eighties family comedy

Tamar Novas, Marta Nieto and children Rubén Fulgencio and Mario Santos lead the cast of the first feature film directed by Olga Osorio, who is also a screenwriter, along with Araceli Gonda, who also stars in the story, as the director of the short film ” Einstein-Rosen”.

His, Two orphans from 80s Galicia discover a portal that teleports them In our present, misunderstandings are arising which will force them to search for the formula to return.

Jaime Chavarri returns to directing with “The Golden Apple”

After his last feature film, “Cameroon”, in 2005, the director of “El Desencanto” adapted Fernando Aramburu’s novel “Avidas Pretensions” into a film with Sergi López, Marta Nieto, Adrián Lastra and Roberto Enríquez, among others. .

“The Golden Apple” takes place at a poetry conference held annually in a convent in northwestern Spain, at which one writer will be awarded with said fruit. Arrival of an unexpected guest will increase excitement series of adventures This will prevent the normal celebration of the competition.

“Passages”, French romantic drama about a love triangle

Ira Sachs’s new film tells the story of Tomas (Franz Rogowski), a film director who, during his last day of filming in Paris, sleeps with a young woman named Agathe (Adèle Exarchopoulos), whom he met in a nightclub. it occurs. When Tomas tells this to her husband (Ben Whishaw) Martin, a passionate love triangle involving passion, jealousy and narcissism emerges.

“Notes on a Summer”, an intimate romance with Katia Borlado

Faced with an impending move with her boyfriend Leo (Antonio Arac), young Marta (Katia Borlado) decides to spend a few summer days in her native Gijón with her parents and teenage friends. There she will meet her previous partner, Pablo (Álvaro Quinta), with whom she will feel love again that will force her to consider whether to return to Madrid or stay in her native city.

The film, shot during the pandemic and directed by Diego Llorente, Has won official section awards at the Rotterdam Festival and BAFICI in Buenos AiresWith an intimate atmosphere and a simple staging with an Eric Rohmer air.

“I Swallowed an Alien”, South African Animation

The animated dose of the week is provided by this South African production, the story of aliens Gus, Sophie and Max who suffer from a accident in their astral plane And they end up on Earth, specifically in 16-year-old Norman’s head.

“Play”, the rebirth of love during imprisonment

The play, directed by Paco Sepúlveda, stars Maggie Sivantos and Nico Furtado. In which a couple in crisis, who have decided to separate, are forced to live together when a state of emergency is declared due to Covid. The two would spend the months of imprisonment starting a relationship from scratch pretending as if they did not know each other and would end it when imprisoned.

“The War of the Lulas”, French comedy set in World War I

The French production, written and directed by Yann Samuel, takes audiences back to August 1914, telling the adventures of Lucien, Lucas, Luigi and Ludwig, four children aged 10 to 15, who survive the evacuation of their orphanage. I was lost. Attack on German army.

“Marco Polo”: a young man’s pain for the death of his brother

Omar Banana (“Veneno”, “Paquita Salas”, “Te em Amando Locamente”) stars as Marco in the feature film debut of director Pablo Risgo. antisocial and drug addict youth For the heroine who has to cope with the pain of the death of her brother, who died while partying one night, in a family struggling to heal the wounds of their past.

“The New Toy”, a remake of the 1976 comedy

French filmmaker James Huth remade the film “Le Jouette”, directed by Francis Weber in 1976; Sami (Jamel Debouze) is made in this night watchman of a luxury goods store To receive income for the birth of his daughter, when the richest man in France goes to the store. The millionaire decides to give his son the item he chooses as a toy and the boy himself chooses Sami.

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