Movie Premieres: The optimistic Little Moments of Happiness portrays an ordinary man with no time to waste

little moments of happiness (Momenti di trascurabile congratulateItaly/2019). Address: Daniele Luchetti. Script: Daniele Luchetti and Francesco Piccolo. Photography: Tommaso Fiorilli. Music: Franco Piersanti. Editing: Claudio Di Mauro. Cast: Pif, Thony, Renato Carpentieri, Angelica Alleruzzo, Francesco Giammarco. Duration: 90 minutes. Distribution: Look. Qualification: Suitable for ages 13 and up. Our opinion: very good

“When you play, time slows down and life lengthens.” The phrase reaches the heart of the resigned Paolo just as the clock begins to tell him that his own time is running out. To the man, a Sicilian engineer in his forties who perfectly represents the idea of ​​human existence measured from the middle ground, those in charge of opening the doors of the afterlife granted him the grace of returning to his everyday world for a while before say goodbye forever.

Shortly before, he had suffered a fatal accident, but he manages to convince those who manage the passage to the other world from a huge and very Italian administrative building that he is the victim of a mistake. So he gets a little more time to get things in order, especially with his family: a beautiful and insightful wife named Agatha and the couple’s two children.

Paolo is the champion of the routines, the phobias and the manic and obsessive rituals of an average Sicilian. He loves his wife but cannot resist the attraction that other women exert on him, he rarely manages to get in tune with his children and dreams with his friends of seeing his beloved Palermo again in the A series. His life is governed by a philosophy based on some obsessive questions (will the internal light of a refrigerator go out when the door is closed?) and phrases like that.

Everything, of course, takes on a different meaning after the accident and Paolo takes up all his behaviors and his questions from a new and definitive perspective, now with no room for doubt. Hand in hand with Paolo’s adventures, Daniele Luchetti builds the kind and bittersweet story of a man who tries to put things in order, bringing to the Italian universe of his protagonist the classic optimistic view of Frank Capra and Ernst Lubitsch of The sky can wait.

There is a lot of conviction in the filmmaker to breathe decision, accurate humor, irony and observations that luckily escape the most vulgar costumbrismo to the course of a man who does not want to leave any unfinished business. The time that seems to be left (equivalent to the actual duration of the film) is a simple and lucid declaration of principles by Luchetti. Nothing better than cinema to recount a whole life from a small sum of apparently irrelevant facts and episodes, a term that translates into Spanish the adjective “trascurabile” from the Italian original.

With the appearance, gesture and movements of the common man who maintains the same aspect in the past and in the present (Luchetti’s great staging decision), Pierfrancesco Diliberto, known in the Italian artistic world by the pseudonym of Pif, He perfectly embodies the protagonist. Beside her is also Thony (Federica Caiozzo), Sicilian like Pif and recognized in her land more than anything as a singer and songwriter. Very similar at first glance to Rebecca Hall, with her immense sensitivity and all the grace in the world to move, Thony belies the lack of acting experience with which she came to this project.

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