Movie Reviews of the Week: ‘Future Sun’, ‘Reality’, ‘The Count’, ‘Mystery in Venice’…

While not an autobiographical film, or auto-fiction, future sun Much is revealed about its director and lead actor, Nanni Moretti., a filmmaker who at the age of 70 faces the present without memories of the past, but questions the things about current cinema with which he does not agree. The character’s name is the same as his, Giovanni, Nanni, and he is a film director who makes a movie. Communist ideals in Italy in the 50s And how they came into conflict when the Soviet Union invaded Hungary. This portrait of the past serves to shed light on the present from a political point of view: the film talks about the end of some ideas and the end of others. Artistic and personal dilemmas.

The filming of this film is mixed with the character’s family problems, In trouble with his daughter and in trouble with his wifeA production company that, for the first time, is not working with them and is producing a young director’s film, with whom Moretti, he and his alter ego, have a very funny and ironic discussion Representation of violence in contemporary films, In future sun There are discussions of John Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands, Martin Scorsese or Federico Fellini, which help Moretti to explain himself a little better, while trying to convince audiences that going to a movie theater to see a film is still worth it. Why is it worth it? – Quim Casas


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