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The moments of political tension that are being experienced in Spain (and in the whole world), have been portrayed in the history of cinema. These movies about loyalty, corruption and ultimately on the human condition describe the reality of politics unraveling the characters that star in it. Here is a list of some of the most may have resounded in recent days, for example, by Genoa:

The Kingdom (2018)

Having a corrupt plot in your hands and seeing yourself locked up in a succession of secrets and espionage is up to date in Spanish politics, but Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Pena They already had it clear in 2018 when they wrote ‘The Kingdom’. This fast-paced thriller tells the story of Manuel (Antonio de la Torre) an influential autonomous deputy secretary who has everything in his favor to make the leap to national politics, observes how his perfect life falls apart after some leaks that implicate him in a corruption plot with Paco, one of his best friends. While the media begin to echo the dimensions of the scandal, the party closes ranks and only Paco comes out unscathed. Manuel is expelled, singled out by public opinion and betrayed by those who until a few hours ago were his friends.

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The vice of power (2018)

the last movie of Adam McKaywhich received 8 nominations for the oscarsin them Best Picture, explores the true story of how Dick Cheney (Christian Bale)a quiet Washington bureaucrat, went on to become the most powerful man in the world as Vice President of the United States during President Donald Trump’s term in office. George W. Bush (Sam Rockwell)with consequences in his country and the rest of the world that are still felt today.

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Silvio (and the others) (2018)

Sorrentine get a spectacular portrait of the figure of the corrupt, swindler, wanted, voted, loved and hated Silvio Berlusconi. Interpreted by Toni Servillo, a regular in Italian filmsSilvio Berlusconi is in the most difficult moment of his political career, recently out of government and with accusations of corruption and his connections with the mafia about to reach the courts. Sergio Morra (Riccardo Scamarcio) He is an attractive self-made man who dreams of taking the leap from his questionable provincial business to an international scale. The fastest way to get it is to approach Silviothe most powerful man in Italy.

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It is not the Italian director’s first approach to politics, since in 2008 he shot ‘Il divo’, which deals with the figure of the former head of government up to seven times Giulio Andreottiknown for his dirty war against the Communist Party and his close relationship with the mafia.

The Shadow of Power (2009)

Journalism in the age of digitization and underworld politics. More than enough reasons to enjoy one of the best political thrillers of the decade. The film also has a magnificent Russell Crowe in the role of a journalist stubborn in his work and gobbling up bags of Cheetos on the way to crime scenes.

Cal McCaffrey (Russell Crowe) is a veteran Washington Globe reporter old friend of the up-and-coming congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck), one of the politicians of the moment. When Collins’ assistant and lover is found dead on the subway, he turns to Cal to prove it wasn’t suicide. Della Fray, (Rachel McAdams) You will start out as an apprentice to Cal who will finally reveal to you how times have changed and it’s time to leave a relay.

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The Deputy (1978)

In the year that Joseph Sacristan has been awarded the Goya of Honor It is worth remembering this film by the renowned Eloy de la Iglesia. At a time when homosexuality had no place in politics and when the extreme right kept insisting on recovering its status, this film tells the story of deputy Roberto Orbea, who he had been a clandestine member of a left-wing party during the Franco regime. At the most important moment of his career, when heis about to be appointed Secretary General of his partyis the victim of blackmail by an extreme right-wing group that threatens to air his homosexuality.

Various urban legends run through the history of this film, such as the rumor that indicates that is actually based on the true story of a deputy of the Communist Party who was threatened by the extreme right taking advantage of the leak of his sexual orientation.

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Parliament (2020)

This witty Belgian series humorously tells the story of Sammya young European parliamentary assistant arrives in Brussels a few weeks after the Brexit referendum. He’s obviously not fit for the job. In fact, Samy doesn’t know much about the European institutions and hopes to get away with it thanks to his ingenuity and intelligence.

The light tone of the series and the short duration of its episodes make this a fun and entertaining viewing which in turn manages to soften the viewer’s heart between laughter and laughter. During its premiere there were jokes on social networks due to the similarity of the protagonist, played by Xavier Lacaille, with the Spanish politician Íñigo Errejón.

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