Moving or carrying heavy furniture without back pain: the tricks you should follow

Carrying heavy furniture without back pain is the dream of many people. Dream that can finally come true

When you move or have to furnish your apartment again, it may happen that you have to move heavy furniture without anyone’s help. Although there are special companies, many times the quotes and rates that they offer to their potential clients are totally out of the market. That is why many, rightly, prefer to do it themselves, without spending money but with a lot of effort. But thanks to these tips, in addition to saving, you will no longer feel any muscle pain or discomfort: that’s how.

The most effective solution is use cloths to place under the cabinet. this so that it can be carried from side to side from the room, without the urgent and necessary need to lift it with one’s own strength. Perhaps an effort in the back, which could be detrimental to the posture or, more generally, to its integrity. One of the many solutions that, although it seems very effective, is still quite underrated today. If there are stairs in the middle, obviously the question changes, but as long as we are talking about a shelf, nothing happens.

Here’s how to transport heavy furniture without risking injury

In addition, the cloths, in addition to acting on the maneuverability of the furniture in question, will also prevent damage to the floor. In fact, if your floor is entirely made of wood, it may happen that the transport cause scratches. Absolutely something to avoid. In short, this part of the method is useful both for one’s own health and for the apartment itself. What if you don’t have fabric at home? Don’t worry, the solution is much more affordable than you think. In fact, other material may be equally useful.

Move?  Forget it: it's a deprecated method.

Don’t have money to move? Don’t worry: this method will help you (

if you buy some cartons of water, its coating can be used to place under the legs of the heavy furniture in question. Even rugs can do the same job, but you run the risk of damaging them. And depending on its value, of course, that would be a huge bummer.

The material that sooner or later will end in the trash to throw it away, it will be useful for the last time, thus avoiding annoying pain in the back or others, due to the great effort made.

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