Ms. Marvel Directors Reveal Kevin Feige’s Reaction When They Were Cast As Batgirl

Marvel and DC have been rival companies since their inception, but the battle between the two worlds intensified with the arrival of their respective shared universes in the cinema. Although for years each one brought out their own adaptations, after Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93% things totally changed and this opened the doors to a unique possibility to better exploit the favorite characters of the readers. Of course, this has also caused a lot of conflict between the respective fans and viewers, but as the directors of Ms. Marvel say – 100% and Batgirl, things are not that complicated and there is genuine support between the brands.

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Simply type the words Marvel and DC into any search engine to display hundreds of web pages dedicated to the rivalry between these companies. Those who prefer comics will never stop analyzing the imitations that have been carried out or the changes in creators, writers and illustrators that have passed from one company to another. In the cinema, the matter is even more explosive. Any news of these production companies unleashes a constant struggle to find out which one is better. The attacks on using too many jokes or being too dark seem endless and when an actor, writer or director moves to another house some even perceive it as “betrayal” or, in many cases, as proof that the new option it is better than the previous one.

It’s hard to imagine names like Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Hemsworth at DC, just as it’s hard to think of Gal Gadot or Henry Cavill at Marvel, but there are many reasons to work at both companies and nothing rules out the possibility of that happening. Yes, some of the actors have fueled conflict by declaring and defending their respective brands, but in the end they are driven by opportunity. The same goes for creators, who rarely see a loyalties issue.

One of the most recent examples is that of the team made up of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, directors of Ms Marvel who were also hired to bring to fruition the new adaptation of batgirl. With only one episode Ms Marvel It is already considered a great success for the MCU, but one of the most important aspects has to do with the representation of a community that has been very damaged in the public eye. The series features the brand’s first Muslim heroine and hundreds of people have taken to social media to thank the inclusion, with the directors themselves accepting the opportunity precisely for being part of this very special breakthrough.

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Secondly, batgirl It will be one of the most complicated adaptations for DC. Many fans do not accept that Leslie Grace is the protagonist and the young woman has received racist attacks since her arrival was announced. On the other hand, the film has been in storage for a long time and without progress, so some believe that its momentum has been lost, especially with all the internal changes that Warner Bros. is undergoing. Despite that, many viewers remain hopeful that It will be a great contribution to this universe, something that the directors themselves hope to fulfill as well. With these diverse expectations, the directors seek to maintain a balance and, luckily, they have the support of everyone, including Kevin Feige, who saw in them great potential for the superhero genre.

Some would believe that Feige and his team, as great managers of Marvel, would be jealous or angry about the directors’ decision to work on batgirl, but they assure that the opposite happened. In interview with The Hollywood Reporter, bilall fallah revealed the producers’ reaction to the news:

We wrote an email saying we were going to do Batgirl, and then Kevin Feige, Victoria [Alonso] and Lou [D´Esposito], they all said, “Congratulations!” They were really happy for us. People say that there is a rivalry, but it is not like that at all. They strengthen each other and we could feel the vibe between DC and Marvel.

Adil El Arbi added:

They are big fans of each other. Kevin constantly asked questions: “How is he doing? What is going to happen?” He was really a fan, so that was great.

The directors knew very well that each work had different needs. Ms Marvel would help improve the much-needed representation at Marvel, while batgirl It would do justice to one of DC’s most neglected characters. Despite these differences, both found a common point between the two projects, as they are origin stories that hope to revolutionize the genre and please fans.

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