MSI opens its own official store in Spain and other markets.

M: YES was another gaming industry company that announced launching your own official store in Spain (and other markets). Thus, MSI is joining the growing trend and it is not surprising since it is an added value for every gamer, professional or content creator. Mainly for availability
direct warranty from the manufacturer. But, of course, the user himself can also benefit from access to more attractive prices compared to hardware stores already known in our country.

MSI has an incentive to eliminate multiple middlemen and not only offer better prices, but also achieve higher profits at the same time. It makes sense that some specific products would cost no less than in stores, since the company would not want to cannibalize sales from its distribution channels. Thus, the added value lies in the availability
direct warranty from MSI, in addition to receiving
cumulative rewards all your purchases.

Here are the benefits you will get when you purchase from the MSI Official Store.

MSI Official Store - MSI DayMSI Official Store - MSI Day

What can you find in the official MSI store? Well, almost everything. From laptops and desktops to a wide range of peripherals and equipment. Among them are gaming and professional monitors, mice, keyboards, video cards, water cooling systems, motherboards or power supplies.

If you are an MSI fan, who has a prize. To get started, when you subscribe to the MSI newsletter, you will receive a code
20 euro discount that you can spend on orders of at least 100 euros. On your birthdayYou’ll get 15% discount codeas well as multiplying bonus points by two when registering a purchase.
22nd of every month It’s MSI Day when 10% discount on all products. We end with VIP bonuswhere when you become a member you will have discount 50 euros on the second purchase (minimum purchase 150 euros).

Added to all this is the possibility interest-free financing plan. For example, you need a laptop that costs 1399 euros. You can pay it in three installments of 466.33 euros. Thus, accumulation of discounts You can buy it at quite attractive prices. Although you cannot accumulate, for example, a coupon for 20 euros with a 10% discount. The 10% MSI Day discount can be used on products available on the website that are already discounted.

Could you let me know about any interesting offers?

I suggest MSI MAG Infinite S3 14NUC5-1437ESI suggest MSI MAG Infinite S3 14NUC5-1437ES

Some suggestions can be found using MSI G272QPF monitor for 229 euros. For this price, you get a 27-inch Rapid IPS monitor with Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, 170Hz frequency and 1 millisecond response time. This is 20 euros less than in a well-known computer store. And of course you can get it for 209 euros when you subscribe to the newsletter, so it’s already 40 euros cheaper.

Now we aim much higher desktop pc, MSI MAG Infinite S3 14NUC5-1437ES. For 899 euros you get Intel Core i5-14440F
along with 16 GB of RAM at 5600 MHz, GeForce RTX 4060 and a 1TB NVMe SSD running at 3300MHz. We have a heatsink for the processor, wireless connection (Wi-Fi 6E) and a 80 Plus Bronze 500W power supply. If we go to this well-known computer store with a worse processor (Core i5-12400F) and slower RAM, we are talking about 929 euros. Thus, 30 euros less (50 with newsletter) you get a better and more powerful PC. Actually the discount is bigger because MSI PC yes it includes Windows 11 license.

If you are looking AMD AM4 motherboardwe have MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS. This motherboard together with 20 euros for a newsletter subscription It will cost you 109.90 euros.. 20 euros less than in a well-known computer store.

If you don’t know enough, you can add to your MSI Day agenda. And next June 22, this Saturday, you will have additional 10% discount. This discount code”MSIDAY“.

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