MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022: Zendaya, Marvel and Jack Black rise as favorites of the public

A simple look at the cast of stars that was dropped this weekend by the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022 serves to understand the decline experienced by both the chain itself and the awards galas in general, starting with the Oscars themselves. In the past, the MTV Movie Awards (“TV” was not added until 2017) managed to bring together under one roof the vast majority of nominated stars, included first-rate musical performances, premiered previews of the blockbusters most anticipated of the summer and, ultimately, they were a great event for the entertainment industry. Judging by what we’ve seen this year, that time has passed.

It’s not just that many of the 2022 nominees have been conspicuous by their absence at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California: it’s that Scarlett Johansson, winner of Best Heroine for black widow, he didn’t even shoot a thank you video this year (unlike last year, but he was promoting then). Yes, Zendaya, Ryan Reynolds or Daniel Radcliffe, for example, did, but no one is unaware that, if the MTV Movie and TV Awards continued to be a priority on the agenda of the main driving forces of Hollywood, these three heavyweights would have picked up their box of golden popcorn in person. Especially her, triple winner for her role in euphoria and his participation in both that series and in Spider-Man: No Way Home. For the rest, there was a little first look at the prequel to The Hunger Gamesan update on the return of Beavis & Butt-Head and a reminder that Top Gun: Maverick still in theaters. If we take into account that the last two They are owned by Paramount, the parent company of MTV itself., things become clearer. Still, the truth is that Spidey, Black Widow and Loki made sure Marvel won the day with no less than five awards in total.

Where the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022 have been able to shine has been in the honorary categories and in its section unscripted productions (namely, reality and TV shows). In the first section, the organization decided to recognize Jack Black as Comic Genius and Jennifer Lopez as Generational Icon, although her contribution to the great history of the seventh art is not as impressive as her film career. However, J-Lo represents a type of cinema very well, the romantic comedy (although she has interesting films of other genres to her credit), quite disappeared from commercial theaters lately, so it is not bad to claim it from time to time. About Black, little to say: the guy really is brilliant, a humorous force of nature who once again demonstrated his power in his acceptance speech.

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