Multiple murder in Guaynabo: describe the events for which three men died

The number of victims killed during a shooting reported yesterday, Thursday, near a business in the Camarones neighborhood of Guaynabo increased to three, confirmed the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Bayamón.

The Captain Richard Haddockdirector of the Bayamón CIC, explained to The new day that the events occurred around 5:00 pm when several people came to the El Tamarindo business, on highway 169, to kill Alexander Merced de Jesus, 21 years old.

Amidst the flurry of gunfire, Félix Ramírez Varela, 47, and Frank Morgan García, 22which had nothing to do with Merced de Jesús, according to the investigation, resulted in multiple bullet impacts.

“The people (criminals) went directly to shoot Alexander Merced de Jesús, the other two gentlemen were close to this young man and unfortunately received injuries that caused his death at the scene. The other gentleman, Frank Morgan, died at the Medical Center.”The officer said in a telephone interview.

“The two gentlemen (Félix and Frank) were together in the business, but they did not accompany Merced de Jesús. They became victims as a result of the shooting,” he added.

Questioned about the motive for this multiple murder, the captain said that, at the moment, they do not have precise causes, although they are inclined to investigate whether it was revenge or drug trafficking.

“We are investigating the circumstances that led to the murder of Merced de Jesús, because he recently took on a case for the Arms Law, which had not progressed in court. We are investigating whether the motive was revenge or related to drug trafficking,” Haddock said.

He stated that they identified some security cameras along the highway and near the business, so they will review the footage to listen for any details that lead them to identify the suspects in this crime.

“There were several people (those who shot in this case)”stressed the officer, who yesterday told this medium that multiple bullet casings of different calibers were recovered at the scene.

At the moment, there are no confidences related to the case and no preliminary details such as a description of the attackers or the vehicle in which they were traveling.

“We urge citizens that if they have any information that they can provide us confidentially and anonymously, call us at (787) 343-2020 or (787) 269-2030 with extension 1612″Haddock asked.

The captain highlighted that with this crime the number of murders reported in the town of Guaynabo so far this year has increased to six.

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