Muñaro, a new drug to combat diabetes and obesity, arrived in Spain

Munjaro joins three other already known drugs: Saxenda, Ozempic and Vegovi. They are all from the same molecular family. Munjaro is now the first to have double indication. It will be used for fight type 2 diabetes and lose weight at the same time. And although they may sound the same, they all have differences.

Differences between medications

Saxendathe molecular basis of which liraglutideused exclusively for weight control in obese adolescents and adults over 12 years of ageBye Ozempicthe main ingredient of which is semaglutidehas only approved indication for type 2 diabetes. In its turn, vegwhich has same pharmacology as Ozempicapproved as a supplement to achieve weight loss and intended for obese people. They all apply the same way because they are all injectable. But, as he claims Elena Soria Gomez, nutritionistthe main difference is that some are administered weekly and others daily. Moreover, doctors and pharmacists clearly say: None of these four medications should be taken without a doctor’s prescription.

Mujarowhat is new and the basis of which is tirzepatidewill start selling in the coming days. It is given weekly and is only prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes that is not controlled by exercise and diet, and to people who are obese.. Its main feature is that operates more widely than its predecessorsbecause it not only promotes weight loss, but also, like the other three, is able to metabolize fat and increase insulin production. It acts directly on the fat cell, also called adipocyte, causing it to empty and hence achieving fat loss.. It is more effective for weight loss. Patients who use it They may lose between 16% and 23% of their weight..

How much does Mujaro cost?

It is the most effective medicine currently tested in Spain for the treatment of diabetes and obesity. However also this is the most expensive. Maintenance dose, 5 milligrams, This will cost around €271 per month and will in principle not be funded by the NHS.. A dose of 10 milligrams costs about 385 euros. On the other hand, the lowest dose of Wegovy, about 0.25 milligrams, costs 180 euros, and Ozempic costs about 140 euros per month.

Popularization and shortage

As Elena Soria assures, these drugs have many advantages. “More and more are being discovered, they are being found to prevent strokes or heart attacks.”. The success of these drugs, as with Ozempic, which was originally intended for diabetics, meant that Its use has increased sharply over the past year, leading to shortages in pharmacies.because, as pharmacist Ana Cosin Borobio assures, There was a leak of this drug for obese people.

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