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MUSSOMELI -. Inspection of Dr. Leonardo Roldan yesterday morning at the “Maria Immacolata-Longo” where he said he was ready to take up service even immediately if his request should result in a useful ranking.

Forty-nine years old, a former rugby player, Dr. Roldan played in various Italian teams (Treviso, Rome, Piacenza) until 2011, so much so that he speaks our language perfectly and is specialized in Emergency Medicine and General Surgery.

“I work in the largest hospital in Rosario, an Argentine city that has two million inhabitants and here – Dr. Roldan- there are about 150 accesses per day. When I read the resolutions of your mayor, I could not believe that there were really closed wards in your hospital, but this morning I saw it with my own eyes and I really felt so much sadness, I don’t know what they say in Italian, but the heart became tight tight. I am ready to take up service and move here, as are many other colleagues. You have a large, well-equipped hospital and it is a real shame that so many wards remain closed due to a lack of doctors. We are available and we would love to be able to work here. “

Dr. Roldan was accompanied to the hospital yesterday morning by the mayor of Mussomeli, Giuseppe Catania and by the Argentine couple now at home in Mussomeli, Erica Moscatello and Javier Raviculè. They were welcomed by the heads of the Health Department and the URP, Tita Buttaci and Maria Catalano. So Dr. Roldan was accompanied to visit the hospital where he stayed with Dr. Carlo Dell’Utri, head of Orthopedics and Traumatology, and with Dr. Saverio Sciarrino, Head of Medicine and Long-Term Care, as well as President of the Health Council Commission.

The inspection then continued also in other departments, such as the Radiology directed by Dr. Daniela Noto and the Emergency Department of which Dr. Giosuè Carduccio. Then, after saying goodbye to colleagues and other health professionals, Dr. Roldan was a guest at the “Padre Pino Puglisi” school where he met the boys and talked to them about emergency medicine and what to do in case of need.

“Dr. Roldan – says the mayor – arrived on Monday and it was a pleasure to welcome him. Yesterday and today we can say that he has been on vacation here with us, and awaiting the results of the ranking, he is eager to come and work in Mussomeli. In this regard, I once again asked the general manager to be able to activate the rankings as much as possible. Dr. Roldan has decades of experience in the emergency room, especially for urgent trauma including gunshot wounds. During the visit, speaking with doctors and nurses, nothing was kept quiet about the difficulties facing our hospital, and we are all waiting and confident that we can start again following these new hires. At the end of the visit – the mayor said again – we went to school and the boys, at first almost intimidated by his presence, at the end of the meeting, after hearing him speak simply about important issues, they broke up and asked many questions. “

In short, if before the future presence of Argentine doctors in the land of Manfredi was only a hope, now we are one step away from making it come true. And the first to believe it now, are the same health workers who lived the glorious times of the opening of the “Maria Immacolata-Longo”, back in 1979, with thousands of hospitalizations every year until the decline of the hospital, which began at the end of the years Ninety and that in two decades led to its gradual dismantling, suffice it to say that today the closed wards are twice as many as those open. (SOURCE THE SICILY ROBERTO MISTRETTA)

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