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MIAMI – A South Florida Uber driver is complaining that the company terminated his account after several years of service for canceling a trip due to a suspected allergic condition.

Eleazar Suárez’s Via Crucis began after he refused to provide the service.

“I had some medical tests that prevented me from taking anti-allergy for five days,” explained the driver who, he says, had worked as an Uber driver for six years.

The situation worsened when the Uber platform decided to permanently cancel his account. “They trampled me, they didn’t care how long I had been working with them and neither did the number of trips,” Suárez.

Now, this man is worried because he says it was the only means he had to support his family. “He has hit me a lot emotionally and I had to move”, Suárez.

In relation to this case, Uber assured that their drivers are prohibited from refusing any type of trip where animals must be transported. The company also said that under no circumstances can this policy be breached due to allergies, religious objections or general fear of animals..

Faced with this situation, the lawyer Javier Basnuevo assures that an allergy to dogs is considered a disability before the discriminatory laws of the United States, which would put the rights of the users of the application and those of their drivers on a fine line.

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“Here in Miami-Dade County we have an ordinance that specifically protects independent contractors for having a disability so Uber should have accommodated the passenger by finding another driver who doesn’t have a dog allergy and also shouldn’t have removed this one. driver of your application”, says Basnuevo.

Eleazar continues to have his Uber account suspended while he looks for a way to file legal action against the platform. “I haven’t done it because I don’t have the money to do it,” says Eleazar.

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