‘My body’ by Emily Ratajkowski is a reflection on beauty as a blessing and as a condemnation

Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images

Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer – Getty Images

We often idealize the lives of models. We think they have a dream job, a job that is hardly a job. They are simply beautiful and they take photos of them with very expensive clothes or parade them in front of an audience of celebrities who record them with their mobiles.

But what happens when the lights go out? How is the rest of your day going? How is your relationship, for example, with the people who control the fashion business (mostly men)? How is it that your physical beauty, your own image, something innate and difficult to preserve, is your work tool?

One of the most famous models in the world has decided to reflect on all this. The result is ‘My body’a book published by Temas de Hoy written by Emily Ratajkowski and that only a few weeks ago it was published in Spanish.

The model, who became famous all over the world by appearing completely naked in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ music video, has always distinguished herself by fleeing from the stereotype that a beautiful woman cannot be intelligent and with this book he definitively denies it.

Those who approach ‘My Body’ thinking that they are going to find the typical book written by a celebrities who tries to take advantage of his non-literary fame to put out a few thousand copies that no one will ever read, is very wrong, because Ratajkowski’s first book (because we do not rule out at all that more will come after this one), is a collection of essays on the that the model reviews various moments of her life, she usually goes back to her adolescence but also to more recent times, with the aim of reflecting on her career, what it meant for her to achieve success through her own image and also on what she calls “the female beauty trap”, the difficulty of having power over your body when you are only part of the chain.

Throughout her career, Ratajkowski has always felt that it was other (men) who took advantage of her beauty, which for her simply became “a work tool”. The author talks in the pages of ‘My Body’ about her adolescent obsession with Britney Spears, what life was like in her childhood home in San Diego and dedicates multiple pages to the objectification to which she has been subjected by multitude of men both in their love and work relationships. A terrible collection of groping and out of place proposals with which many readers will feel identified, despite never having stepped on a catwalk. Some stories that are surprising because of how similar they are to those that any woman can tell.

Ratajkowski also does not miss an opportunity to explain the perverse dynamics that take place in the upper echelons of fashion, where many young girls are trapped and used by an industry that literally gobbles them up.

Between the lines, the author also lets us glimpse, although she does not explicitly stop to talk about it, aspects of the life of the models that make our hair stand on end; like when she says that the week after having the flu and losing five kilos, her phone kept ringing to make shootingsor when he explains how he started smoking and skipping meals (all told very casually) “to keep a slim waist.”

In short, ‘My Body’ by Emily Ratajkowski surprises with its sincerity on many issues and exudes courage because, if we think about it, what need would one of the most famous models in the world have to write such a book? Emily has dared and although she may have left out some important topics like the ones we mentioned in the previous paragraph (which may be reserved for a future essay), she has managed to write a very interesting book.

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