My hair is longer at 40 than at 30 and this is how I managed it

I am 40 years old and I wear the much longer hair now than at 30. My daughters, in fact, every time they see photos of my 30s with mid-length hair, they fervently urge me never to cut my hair again – at that time I was wearing a long bob which, although it seemed ideal to me, clearly made me look older. Let’s say that in my horizon of hair goals I have to wear a Rapunzel mane of those that almost touches the waist. I haven’t managed it yet –I’m working on it, it’s already beginning to touch the lower part of my back–, but I can say that by putting into practice certain recommendations from experts and using certain products, I have managed to defy the passage of time. Because if, hair ages too Already after 35 grows even more slowly and begins to lose strength when it exceeds chest height. That’s how it is. But it is also true that by taking care of it you can achieve long and beautiful hair. What’s more, for a while I believed the theory that hair growth is genetically programmed and that no matter how much you want it to, your hair will only grow to a certain length. But I can attest that right now I have managed to grow my hair longer than I did at 20, when I indulged in the goodness of long hair with the same fervor that I do now.

Invest in good reconstructive treatments

hair repair treatment icon

ICON Peptides Restoration Treatment

Wearing light highlights makes my goal of having healthy and beautiful hair at 40 a little more difficult. a third step a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing oil (even both at the same time). But a couple of times a week, I replace the step of the leave-in conditioner with a reconstructive treatment that deeply repairs the hair fiber. Of all the ones I have tried, the most effective (and practical) is the new molecular treatment Power Peptides by ICON, a serum with pea peptides that is used after washing (it does not need rinsing), applying it directly with the hands by strands, working it enough so that it blends with the hair and insisting on the ends. I can attest that it helps distance cuts from split ends.

Use towels that shorten the drying process

turban towel for hair here

Turban towel, from Aquis

Any process with heat alters hair health. Therefore, reduce blow drying time It has always been another of my great obsessions. To achieve this, I like to invest in turban towels that manage to absorb more moisture – I learned this trick from Jessica Alba, who once said that she leaves it on for about 5 minutes and her hair is almost dry. Or in specific towels to shorten the drying process like the famous ones from Aquis. Another alternative, when I am away from home and do not have these options at hand, is to remove the moisture before drying with a little kitchen paper.

The coconut or olive oil trick

I perfectly remember that one of the best beauty tips I received during an interview was from the model Eugenia Silva, who told me that she repaired her hair by smearing it with olive oil, putting it up in a bun and letting it act for as long as possible ( washing afterwards with two doses of shampoo to remove it). It works, and can be versioned with coconut oil.

Use moisturizing and protective perfumes for hair

Ultra-Brilliant Mist hair mist, by Miriam Quevedo

For a long time I put into practice that French trick of perfume your hair to leave a trail, but clearly, doing it with a perfume that contains alcohol is not a good idea. However, with the boom of hair perfumes, I have changed that habit and now I only use specific hair products that, in addition, protect the hair from external aggressions, hydrate and avoid andthe frizz. For dehydrated hair like mine, one of the best alternatives is Ultra Brilliant Mist from the collection Sublime Gold of Miriam Quevedo. It smells super delicious (it has notes of jasmine and apple) and leaves the hair very hydrated and luminous, but without weighing it down or making it greasy.

The benefits of a periodic tip cut

Although there are many treatments that can distance the cut from split ends, the reality is that there is nothing more recommended for the hair to look healthy and with thickened ends than cutting the ends, even minimally, every month and a half. Hair does not grow faster by doing it like thisbut much healthier.

brush before washing

magic brush

Magic Brush, by Moncho Moreno

Brushing the hair before washing it is one of those tricks that stylists repeat endlessly – just like always doing it from bottom to top – to prevent detangling after washing from being fatal and ending up weakening the hair. Since I follow it to the letter, always with a good brush that allows combing both dry and wet, the brushing process after the shower is much healthier (and with less pulling).

It all starts with the scalp

renee furterer oil

Complexe 5, by Renée Furterer

The phenomenon of products for scalp It has all the sense of the world. It is an extension of our skin and is the basis for the hair grow healthy and strong. That is why it is important to resort to scalp treatments at home – a highly recommended classic is the mythical oil Complexe 5 Renée Furterer – and complete, if possible, with cabin treatments. One of the most recommended is Keravive Hydrafacial to exfoliate, nourish and moisturize the scalp, improving microcirculation and achieving a stronger and healthier appearance.

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