«My memories from the“ Twilight ”set? Sad, cold and I would have killed everyone “



11.06.20 – 13:450

This is how actress Anna Kendrick joked about her experience on the set of the most famous vampire saga

NEW YORK – Anna Kendrick doesn’t often talk about her experience on the set of “Twilight”, her first major film role. Made famous rather by the cult “In the clouds” and the song series “Pitch Perfect”, and about to launch her new series “Love Life” she decided to unbutton herself about it in an interview with Vanity Fair.

The most vivid of the memories is the ruthless climate of Oregon: “All I remember is that it was a cold hangman and it was an infinite sadness”, the 34-year-old chuckled, “I always had the Converse soaked in water and looking at the my castmates thought: “They’re cool, of course, in a normal place we might as well be friends, but here …”, I wanted to kill everyone! “


But something good was born in the collective suffering: “Well yes, it was like surviving a traumatic event, like taking hostages … It’s something that binds you forever in an indissoluble way!” mock Kendrick.

Of the set mates, the one she has the sweetest words for is Kristen Stewart: «Often people talk to me about the graduation speech of the third film saying: ‘You’re very good, you made us move!’. I always explain, it’s not because of me: if you notice you are only moved by Kristen Stewart’s reaction to my words. They tell me: “That speech is a bomb” and I reply: “No, it’s her, she’s very good” ».


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