“My mental health has become my priority”: Bella Hadid tells how alcohol treated her anxieties

In an interview, Bella Hadid returned without taboo to her relationship with alcohol. The supermodel explained in particular that she had greatly reduced her consumption, after having used the drink for a long time to treat her anxieties.

BElla Hadid has decided to quit alcoholand she has a good reason. In an interview given to InStyle about the company she co-founded, a brand of soft drinks called Kin Euphorics, the model actually explained that she had drastically reduced its consumption since mid-2021, before revealing the reasons that led her to make such a decision. “Over the years, I always found myself resorting to alcohol when I felt low on energy or my anxieties began to arise“said the supermodel, before indicating that she now wanted to make her mental health and her brain “a top priority”.

Although Bella Hadid is not yet completely sober today, the young woman has learned to control her consumption and to talk about alcohol in a new way. “Moderation is everything to me,” she told our colleagues. “If I’m rarely drunk, I completely stopped drinking hard liquor…I learned what my body can and cannot handle. I’m like ‘a glass of champagne then back home’“, concluded the sister of Gigi Hadid.

“I loved alcohol to the point where I even started to cancel parties”

As the catwalk star confided to InStyle in January 2022, it is regularly subject to anxiety and to the fatigue and suffers from brain fog due to the Lyme disease. Alcohol was then for a long time an answer to her ills, she indicated. “I gave a lot in the alcoholic evenings. I loved alcohol and it got to the point where I even started canceling parties where I felt like I couldn’t control myself.“, she said, adding that today she was happy to have cut down on alcohol. “I don’t feel the need to drink anymore because I know how it will affect me at 3 a.m. when I wake up with terrible anxiety“, added the model. “Today, I no longer have this endless effect, essentially pain and stress, that caused me a few drinks without really bringing me much.

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