“My mother beat us a lot”

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The star returned to his childhood and his “very complicated” mother.

Like many celebrities, Jennifer Lopez recently released a documentary, Half-time, dedicated to his life and career. Available on Netflix, it appears in tenth position in the top trend in Belgium. In the latter, the star looks back on her entire journey and explains how she managed to become the recognized artist she is today.

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This documentary is also an opportunity for Jennifer Lopez to make rare secrets about her family and loved ones when she was younger. “As a child, I was surrounded by strong, dominant and tough women. My mother, my grandmother and my aunt ran everything,” she explains as well. She goes on to reveal that her mother was a very “complicated” person. ” She beat us quite a bit.” says the singer. Words that the main interested party does not seem to deny. Guadalupe Rodriguez, JLo’s mother confirms: “I was very demanding with them. Not to criticize them, but to make them aim higher, to show them that we can always do better. Jennifer is the one who gave me a hard time, to tell the truth. We often argued”.

It would seem, however, that no resentment has settled between the two women today. “I thank my parents. They taught me to fend for myself. And I live with their voices in my head,” confided Jennifer Lopez.

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