‘My Name Is Shakira’ talks about her courtship with ‘Elvis Crespo’s’ double

‘my name is’ It is one of the most watched entertainment programs of Colombian nights, with hundreds of singers having graced the stage throughout its nine seasons.

With a career that has left its mark on television, ‘Yo Me Lamo’ has managed to win the hearts of audiences with its original format and the impeccable quality of its participants.

Since its first broadcast in the country, the program has become a standard for music and entertainment in Colombia.

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Since then, the competition is in one of the most demanding stages Cesar Escola, Pipe Bueno and Amparo GrisalesThe fourth jury, together with ‘Symphony’ which is an artificial intelligence, listen carefully to the contestants who He was successful in securing his place at Yo Mi Lamo SchoolBecause there they get classes from experts to achieve maximum similarity with their favorite artists.

Three contestants are sentenced to eviction each night, these are carefully selected by the jury, however, There is also a prize of between one million and 100 million pesos, which ‘Symfony’ offers to the copycat that most resembles it. With the original.

On episode 74 of the competition, the couple talked about their relationship, several weeks before and after making their relationship public, she talked about it again, making sure that she was happy. ‘They’re not having a good time.’

Shakira’s ‘Exact Double’ performed the single ‘Chantaje’ along with ‘Yo Me Nombre Maluma’ from the eighth season and received praise from the jury. However, at the end of the presentation, Amparo Grisales pulled out his ears. ‘His wardrobe was very bad.’

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Besides, Cesar Escola took the opportunity to ask her the reason why their relationship was not going well.The impersonator claimed that this was because she was not paying enough attention to her partner, ‘The exact double of Elvis Crespo’, who had left the competition a few weeks earlier.

“These are things that happen in relationships, it can happen He wanted a little more attention and I didn’t give it to him. This is work, he has to understand it while he is here and he did, “I love you, baby!” She said ‘My name is Shakira’.

After presentations by four imitators, the jury selected three imitators ‘They are not called’ And they will go to the night of elimination: Vicente Fernandez, Ryan Castro and Shakira.

Following the above was unanimously chosen as the best participant of the night and ‘My name is Gilberto Santa Rosa’ He chose the statue of his favorite artist, for which he received a total prize of 5 million pesos.

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