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We caught up with Alexandra Daddario, the woman who makes Woody Harrelson lose his mind in “True Detective,” who told us about her experience on set, the nudity functionality in the series, and how HBO gave her the chance to work with. one of his childhood myths

She is a demigod with ice eyes in the Percy Jackson saga and with her Junoesque forms she has conquered the male audience all over the world, but it is on TV that Alexandra Daddario owes, until now, much of its success: the first career role was that of Laurie Lewis in the soap “Valley of the Pines”, then participated in several successful series such as “The Sopranos”, “Law & Order “,” Damages “,” White Collar “and” New Girl “, finally arriving at”True Detective“, An event series that in America has conquered audiences and critics alike.

In “True Detective,” an eight-episode mini series written by Nic Pizzolatto and directed by Cary Fukunaga, the actress is Lisa, the woman who makes Martin Hart, the detective played by Woody Harrelson, married man and father of two daughters, who establishes a relationship with her. The relationship between Martin and Lisa creates problems not only for the detective’s marriage, but also causes clashes with Rust Cole, the colleague of Martin played by Matthew McConaughey.

“True Detective” is on the air from Friday 3 October on Sky Atlantic, Sky channel 110, at 21:10, with two episodes per evening.

You shot “Burying the ex” right after “True Detective” was finished: what was it like to go from the HBO series set to that of Joe Dante?

Yes, I shot the film before “True Detective” aired but after the end of filming the series. In a way it was a breath of fresh air: although there are zombies the atmosphere is much less dark than in “True Detective” and this time I was able to keep my clothes on, which is not bad for once. I had a lot of fun making this film, I love making comedies and I feel happy every time I work on a project that can give me something from a human point of view too: Joe, Anton and Ashley were wonderful travel companions, they are fantastic people and I was sorry that it all ended so quickly, I would have been shooting with them for months. Shooting “True Detective” was also a fantastic experience, but it turned out to be a much more intense emotional journey, as it should be given the type of story.

Speaking of nudity: the nude, especially in HBO series such as “Game of Thrones” and, in fact, “True Detective”, still causes a sensation. What is your opinion about it?

As for Lisa, the character I played in “True Detective”, I immediately felt that it was true and therefore I perceived the nudity as necessary for the role: she is a very young girl who forms a relationship with a married man, who in appearance it seems intact but in reality it is full of defects. The scene in which Lisa is seen naked above this man, who should be the symbol of integrity, immediately changes the perspective on that character: so I would say that in this case the nudity is not only essential, but also functional to the story. The only caveat I could make is that there should be more male nudes on television, so that women too can have something tantalizing to watch. “

In this film and in “True Detective” you are “the other woman”: what is the difference between the two characters?

My role in the series is quite different: Lisa’s character is crazier, more intense and full of contradictions, which is fun to play, while Olivia has fewer flaws, of course everyone has them, but unlike Lisa, she doesn’t want to. about meddling in the marriage of two other people, he doesn’t know what he’s getting into, he thinks he’s met a guy who doesn’t already have another relationship, so the context is definitely different “.


In “True Detective” your character interacts mainly with that of Woody Harrelson: what was it like working with him?

“Woody Harrelson is a legend to me, he’s an actor I’ve looked up to with admiration all my life, so for me to have the chance to work with him was amazing: it was an incredible thing to be able to work with someone who inspired me. to become an actress when I was little ”.

Your next upcoming movie is “San Andreas”, an action movie set in California after an incredible earthquake: what should we expect?

It’s a great disaster movie: I think it’s a lot of fun, I got along very well with all my colleagues on the set. Often with this type of film the script is sacrificed in favor of computer graphics, it is a paradox: the more money there is, the less the story benefits; in the case of this film I believe instead that there was a desire to make all the characters real and make the public become attached to them.

Do you think you will go back to making television again?

Yes, I would like to go back to working for television: I am happy that the prejudice that existed against television no longer exists and that television has changed so much in a short time. Now there are many channels, the offer is crazy and it is positive both for actors and screenwriters, who in this way have more opportunities, and for the public, who can now enjoy very different products, often of excellent quality. In a certain sense, television and cinema are merging and by now there is no longer so much distinction between the two means: if a product is valid, the public realizes it and watches it, regardless of whether it is broadcast on the internet, on TV or on a big screen.

Is there any series you love as a spectator?

I really like “House of Cards”, of course I love “True Detective”, I say it sincerely, and I am obsessed with a comedy called “Nathan for you”, which I don’t know if it is known in Italy, but it is becoming very popular in Italy. America: I recommend it.


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