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At that time they were acclaimed, but today they have seen their career decline due to lack of opportunities due to passing years of their life, though some are still lucky.

We have all heard the phrase ‘a quarter is an hour’. It can be defined as those moments when everyone starts talking about that person in a positive way and praising him/her. They can be mentioned either in the roles they played in theatre, catwalk, cinema or television and are forgotten if not developed.

Those who took advantage of ‘their quarter of an hour’ to be artists or models of that time not only achieved fame but also managed to put good pesos in their pocket.

Anna Sophia Hainaut,
Catherine Maya.

For example, in the world of acting in Colombia, there are many actors who, due to the passing of wrinkled years, are no longer in demand as they were in their early years, when they were also heroes. done in a dramatic way. However, there are some who have had better luck, such as the case of Judy Henriquez, who until recently, in her 60-year career, participated in the successful soap opera ‘Ana de Nadi’ without taking the lead role. . Unlike before time.

One of the shortest and fastest careers is modeling. We have seen successful women on the catwalk, not only because of their good looks but also because of their beauty, charisma and youth, because they started out young. But as the years go by, if they have a star they can only work for 10 or 15 years, and that’s it.

Carolina Cruz worked as a model after participating in a national beauty contest.

Young women who dream of becoming a famous model should know that achieving it takes a lot of preparation. For this, there are specialized academies, although there are some that do not have trained staff who really know the demands of the profession. As is the case with ‘rhinologists’ (those who claim to be called so because they follow in the footsteps of queens) who claim to be best suited to ‘develop’ models so that they can walk up and down the catwalk Can learn A good agency should have a professional team to help youngsters fulfill their dreams with highest quality standards.

In a career spanning 60 years, Judy Henriquez played Dolores Ocampo in the soap opera ‘Ana de Nadi’ starring Paola Turbay.

Accredited modeling agencies are used to find links between brands, stores, catalogs, manufacturers, etc.

Most of the people identified at that time did exactly that, they prepared and took advantage of ‘their quarter hour’, but today they devote themselves to various other activities or because they have devoted themselves exclusively to raising a family. dedicated to.

In the long list of recognized Colombian models, we can mention Tatiana de los Ríos, who was compared to Cindy Crawford because of her cheekbones and resemblance; also Adriana Arboleda, who besides being on the catwalk was the image of the brands and became the presenter; Natalia Parisi was on the cover of the most important magazines thanks to her modeling. He managed to consolidate his career, which later allowed him to launch his own brand and devote himself to music and become a DJ.

Ana Sophia Henao was also She was very famous during the 2000s and today she is dedicated to writing and illustrating children’s stories. Likewise Catalina Maya, who He began modeling at the age of 13 and once he left the catwalk he became a jury member of the Caracol Channel program. Agency, Carolina Cruz, on her part, rose to fame in 1999 in a national beauty pageant, soon after which she devoted herself to modeling and later as a presenter.

Sofía Vergara, from Barranquilla, became known in the entertainment world as a model in a Pepsi commercial, then became one of the most sought-after women in Colombia, which earned her international television appearances as a host and later as an actress. allowed to jump. Her time in modeling ended there.

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