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As Shakira does today, also artists of the stature of Beyonce Knowles, Karol G., Cristian Nodal, Maluma and Adele, among others, knew how to take advantage of the tusa to be inspired and invoice.

Shakira is not the first, nor the only artist who, faced with betrayal in love, seeks refuge in music and succeeds with it. In fact, heartbreak, betrayal, abandonment and infidelity, among other topics, have been, are and will continue to be an inexhaustible source for inspiration and the musical composition of great market successes. MyGRIDVista presents a group of artists who, after a spite, decided to get rid of it by singing to their ex-partner:

Beyonce vs. Jay-Z

Beyonce She is one of the most important artists in the world: the American is a singer-songwriter, producer, actress, director, designer and businesswoman. Her heartbreak has been key to her career as a singer-songwriter, and in fact she has had no problem revealing her love problems in her music. But the biggest revelation of her was in 2016, when he launched Lemonade, a album was based on her reaction to her husband’s infidelity Jay-Z. On this record, he even mentioned her lover calling her Becky with the good hair. The album, which deservedly received multiple Grammy nominations, was accompanied by a visual equivalent, a medium-length film co-directed by Beyoncé that reinforced that search to make words indelible. In this job she discharge before the infidelities of her husband in three subjects in which she targeted him.

Maluma vs. Natalia Barulich

Heartbreak also paid off for the Colombian singer Maluma: his success Hawaii, which would have been composed for the Croatian model Natalia Barulich (although he denied it at first), obtained 660,000 certified sales in Mexico, in its original version; and with The Weeknd, 30 thousand. In 2020, when it was released, it was ranked #2 on Spotify’s Global Top 50. In 24 hours it reached more than 80 million views on its YouTube channel. The end of the relationship between the paisa artist and the model after two years together coincided with the release of this song that talks about heartbreak.

Karol G vs. Anuel AA

Carol G. She has become the representative of female empowerment in reggaeton after the release of “Cob”. The singer released this song after her breakup with anuel and it definitely knew how to ride the wave of praise and support it received after its release.

The truth is that while she continued to focus on music, her ex-partner was already finding a new love and even marrying her. Karol G in her collaboration with Becky G, MAMIII, also achieved success. The song was related to the break with Anuel AA.

Nodal Vs Belinda

The Mexican artist Christian Nodal, an interpreter who, after the break with the vocalist Belinda, launched We are no longer nor will we bewhich has more than 190 million views on YouTube.

Adele vs. Slinky Sunbeam

Despite the fact that the iconic British singer has always sung about her past heartbreaks, with the release of her album 30 count a much more recent story. In this new production she sings candidly about her recent divorce from Simon Konecki, the father of her only child.

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